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Hydromorphone compared to hydrocodone

Australian governments have significantly increased PBS funding in order to meet the large costs of modern drugs.

As more medicines become available, particularly as more expensive biological medicines come onto the market, and the population ages, the costs to the PBS and Australian tax payers will likely increase further. In its submission, GMiA and members of the generics industry argue that current levels of IP protection create barriers to generic entry to the market stifling the development of a productive generic industry and delaying the advantages that generic products bring in terms of driving the cost of pharmaceuticals down and reducing costs to the PBS. GMiA also argue that originator pharmaceutical companies operate globally and that high IP standards are not required in Australia, as the small market here has an insignificant effect on the overall incentive to innovate.46 2.6. Optimisation As indicated at the outset of this chapter, the challenge is to optimise policy so as to encourage innovation that would not otherwise have taken place but to do so only to the point at which such benefits continue to outweigh the costs of such how does hydrocodone work in the body measures to consumers, in higher prices, and to innovation more generally, by obstructing 'follow on' innovation. Evidence supports the view that the originator industry is facing a challenging hcl oxycodone period. That, however, does not of itself justify patent extensions which must be in Australia's wider interests. For a start, the Australian originator industry represents a small part of what is a world industry. Even a large increase in pharmaceutical industry revenues in Australia would not materially lift the international industry's total revenue flows. Moreover, there is no assurance that any increase in hydromorphone compared to hydrocodone revenues provided to the Australian industry would be directed to additional R&D and there is no guarantee that it would lead to increased research effort in Australia. These decisions tend to be made internationally and are subject to many factors.

Evidence also supports the view hydromorphone compared to hydrocodone that the generic industry is facing challenges from the ways in which originators use the hydrocodone usa IP system to maintain their market advantage. In a technology where the costs and failure rates in bringing a drug to market are high it is no surprise that, and there are good business reasons why, an originator would make every reasonable effort to extend the period and scope of market protection for an existing drug. One practice is to file subsequent hydromorphone compared to hydrocodone patents for improvements and modifications to an original drug. This is a legitimate practice and the further patents hydromorphone compared to hydrocodone can produce substantial benefits in improved bioavailability or efficacy, new indications or more efficient 7 buy tramadol online and cost effective manufacturing processes.

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