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6.8.1.hydrocodone site 2.Submissions IPTA argues in its submission that the purpose of the provision was unclear and, as it served no useful purpose, it should be deleted.134 Dr Jacinta Flattery-O'Brien of Shelston IP made similar comments in public hearing. A submission received from Dr Charles Lawson outlines the legislative history of s.76A. Dr Lawson submits that there was insufficient evidence to justify patent extensions of term and the s.76A requirements were introduced to help address this. He also says that the collected data should be made available to the public so that it's usefulness could be determined.135 There is a similar requirement to s.76A in Canadian patent law, and this provides a useful example of how data could be collated to provide information on pharmaceutical R&D. Canada's Patent Act provides that patentees must provide information about revenue, licensing and R&D expenditure to the Patent Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB).136 Each year, the PMPRB must report on the percentage of R&D expenditure hydrocodone site undertaken by pharmaceutical patentees.137 It should be noted that Canada does not have extension of term provisions and that this information is provided for all patented pharmaceutical products. Reported Canadian data includes the source of R&D funding in a given year. The PMPRB Annual Report for 2011 shows that in 2011, from a total expenditure of $991.7m, $879.2m (88.6%) was provided buy delivery hydrocodone saturday from company funds, while $28.7m (2.9%) was provided from federal and provincial governments.hydrocodone site 138 information on tramadol hcl for dogs DoHA has provided the Panel in confidence with a summary of the information provided to it under s.76A. Only 384 hydrocodone site returns were provided to DoHA between 2000-01 and 2011-12, compared with around 500 extensions of term being granted from 1999 to 2010-11. Some returns list worldwide expenditure on R&D, or composite figures over multiple years. In only three of the 12 years collected were Commonwealth funds reported to have been spent on the R&D for the patented hydrocodone site products. The average total R&D spent on each patented pharmaceutical varies greatly year by year, with an overall average of only $A1 million per return. This may be because patentees have interpreted the provisions to refer to a single financial year. The Panel considers that the information provided is of hoavb org 9 order phentermine only limited value. It relates only to R&D spending on a drug that has already completed the market approval process and is unlikely to be at a stage where it is the subject of substantial R&D activity. It is also less likely to be at a stage where there is significant Government R&D funding, again because it has arguably moved beyond the early R&D and clinical trial phases that precede market approval.

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