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After the expiry of the time specified in the notice aforesaid or on receipt of earlier intimation from the person to whom such notice is given that he declines to accept the Shares Offered, the Board may dispose of them in such manner and to such person(s) as they may think, in their sole discretion, fit.

(c) (i) (ii) Notwithstanding anything contained in preceding sub-clause the further shares engine order phentermine prescription search aforesaid may be offered to any persons (whether or not those persons include the persons referred to in clause (i) of sub-clause (b) hereof in any manner whatsoever If a special resolution to that effect is passed by the Company in General Meeting; or where no such special resolution is passed if the votes cast (whether on a show of hands, or on a poll, as the case may be) in illegally prescribed oxycontin favour of the proposal contained in the motion moved in the general meeting (including the casting vote, if any. Of the Chairman) by members who being entitled so to do vote in person, or where buy tramadol online cash proxies are allowed by hydrocodone lawsuit proxy, exceed the votes, if any, cast against the proposal by members hydrocodone lawsuit so entitled and voting and the Central Government is satisfied on an application made by the Board of Directors in this behalf, that the proposal is most beneficial to the Company. (d) Nothing in sub-clause (6)(c) above shall be deemed: (a) (b) To extend the time within which the offer should be accepted to To authorise any person to exercise the right of renunciation for a second time on the ground that the person in whose favour the renunciation was first made has declined to take the shares comprised in the renunciation. (e) Nothing contained in this Article shall apply to the increase of the subscribed capital caused by the exercise of an option attached to the debentures issued or loans raised by the Company (i) (ii) to convert such debentures or loans into shares in the Company: or to subscribe for shares in the Company (whether such option is conferred in these Articles or otherwise). PROVIDED THAT the terms of issue of such debentures or the terms of such loans include a term provided for such option and such term: (e)Either hydrocodone opiod has been approved by the Central Government before the issue of the debentures or the raising of the loans or is in conformity with Rules: if any, made by, that Government in this behalf, and (f)In the case of debentures loans or other than debentures issued to or loans obtained from Government or any institution 3 buy tramadol specified by the Central hydrocodone lawsuit Government in this behalf, has also been approved by a special resolution passed but The Company in General Meeting before Ihe issue of the debentures or raising of the loans. (f) (g) Subject to the provisions of the Act and these Articles, the Directors may issue and allot shares in the capital of the Company on payment or part payment for any property or assets of any kind whatsoever sold hydrocodone lawsuit or transferred goods or machinery supplied or for services rendered to the Company in the conduct of its business and any shares which may be so allotted may be issued as fully paid up or partly paid up otherwise than in cash, and if so issued, shall be deemed to be fully paid up or partly paid up shares as the case may be.

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