Hydrocodone effect on the brain

Hydrocodone effect on the brain

A20 D Cilest contains ethinylestradiol and norgestimate whereas Yasmin contains ethinylestradiol in combination with drospirenone. Both are combined oral contraceptives available as tablets, which have to be taken once daily for 21 days. Both are contraindicated in patients with venous thromboembolic diseases. A21 C Hydrocortisone cream is indicated for the treatment of contact dermatitis. It is applied sparingly once or twice daily for a maximum period of 1 week.

Eurax (crotamiton) is an antipruritic agent but it is of uncertain value. Sedating systemic antihistamines may help but Clarityn tablets would not be the treatment of choice as they contain loratadine, which is non-sedating.

Preparations containing antifungals such as Pevaryl (econazole) and Canesten HC (clotrimazole, hydrocortisone) are of no use in the treatment of contact dermatitis.

A22 D Buspar containing buspirone is indicated in short-term anxiety. Diazepam, Stilnoct browndemocrats org buy tramadol containing zolpidem, Heminevrin containing clomethiazole, and Phenergan containing promethazine are all indicated in insomnia. A23 C Rhinocort Aqua and Nasonex are preparations containing topical nasal corticosteroids (budesonide and mometasone furoate respectively). Otrivine contains a nasal decongestant (xylometazoline) and Sudafed is a systemic preparation containing a nasal decongestant (phenylephrine). Molcer hydrocodone effect on the brain is a preparation for ear-wax removal and which contains docusate sodium.

Emadine contains an antihistamine (emedastine) and is presented as eye drops. A24 B Bupivacaine is an anaesthetic with a slow onset but a long duration of action. It is indicated for continuous epidural analgesia in labour.

Xylocaine is the proprietary preparation hydrocodone effect on the brain of lidocaine (lignocaine).

A25 D Haloperidol is indicated for schizophrenia, severe anxiety, motor tics and intractable hiccup. It is not indicated in the treatment of parkinsonism, which may be aggravated through its use, as haloperidol tends to cause extrapyramidal symptoms. A26 A Twinrix is a vaccine combining hydrocodone effect on the brain hepatitis A virus units and hepatitis B surface antigen, thereby hydrocodone effect on the brain protecting against hepatitis A and B.

A27 B Rotarix consists of live, attenuated rotavirus strains presented as powder for reconstitution intended for oral administration. A28 D Fluarix is an influenza vaccine containing the H and N component of the prevalent influenza strains, against which vaccination is recommended each year by the World Health Organization. A29 B Constipation is a side-effect of Zofran, which contains ondansetron. A30 C Cytotec containing misoprostol (prostaglandin analogue) may cause abnormal vaginal bleeding. A31 E Diamox containing acetazolamide (carbonic anhydrase inhibitor) may cause paraesthesia.

A32 E Aldactone containing spironolactone (potassium-sparing diuretic and an aldosterone antagonist) is used with caution in cases of porphyria. A33 B Inderal containing propranolol (beta-adrenoceptor blocking agent) is used with caution in diabetic patients. A34 B Inderal containing propranolol (beta-adrenoceptor blocking agent) is used with caution in myasthenia gravis. A35 D Byetta containing exenatide (incretin mimetic) is marketed by Lilly.

A36 A Nexium containing esomeprazole (proton pump inhibitor) is marketed by AstraZeneca.

A37 C Alupent containing orciprenaline (non-selective beta2-agonist bronchodilator) is marketed by Boehringer Ingelheim. A38 C Difflam containing benzydamine (local analgesic) is available as an oral rinse and is indicated for inflammatory conditions of the oropharynx and for palliative relief in post-radiation mucositis. A39 B Rynacrom containing sodium cromoglicate is available as a nasal spray used in allergic rhinitis.

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