Hydrocodone addition, hydrocodone heart cardiac

Hydrocodone addition

Large Molecule Pharmaceuticals Technology % of Rx & OTC Sales EvaluatePharma May 2011 Setting the Scene: Shifting to smaller product sales FDA Approval Count vs. Total USA Product Sales 5 Years After Launch Source: EvaluatePharma(r) (30 APR 2010) 25 70 No.

of New Drugs USA Sales 5 Yrs after Launch ($bn) 1996 Lipitor (PFE) Zyprexa (LLY) Allegra(SNY) 2002 Neulasta (AGMN) Ability (BMY/ Otsuka) Zetia (SGP/MRK) hydrocodone addition Humira hydrocodone prescription drug online (ABT) Eloxatin (SNY) 62 -- 60 20 15 38-| $l3bn 35 $13bn 26 32 10 - $8bn $3 bn $7bn $7bn 5 - 1998 Re mi cade (hydrocodone addition JNJ) Sing u lair (MRK) Celebrex (PFE) Enbrel (AMGN/ WYE) Viagra (PFE) Celexa (FRX) Average 5th Year USA Sales Potential: £9,0bn _3940 $14bn $16bn $7 bn 33 49 28 27 * $8 bn 22 $7 bn r $6bn $6bn 32 30 10 Product name (company ticker) of products in good years (>$1bn sales) 2004 Avastin (Roche) Cymbalta (LLY) Lyrica (PFE) Spiriva (Bl/ PFE) -- 40 50 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2003 200* I USA Sales 5yrs Post Launch £bn No, of NMEs Approved After the Patent Expiry Cliff Dealing with Price Pressure Expanding the Global Market Changing Global Regulations ' N / / ' Facilities of the Future nne pharmaplan* hydrocodone addition What is the ''Patent Expiry Cliff"?

200ES 2UW 2010 2011 2012 3013 20H 2015 2016 RispenJal W 9 ScrffCidoj1 Ajdvjiir Sernquel 54 ,& Zyprexa 55 Plavijj $7.3 Ejpilor SI 35 Singula ir 54.5 Araresp 544 Ncsium 57.2 2007 tales (U5S bill tramadol no prescription ioc] Erbrel # OSD (''Small Molecules") "5 If'(r) .£ £ *15 " KJ 111 1 I I I l I III., Wir H4S4HX"Mrcft Biotech Oi-mm'TLniDr-.oOOiO*- BSOCJBOOOSOOO AranespVNespo Neulasta Herceptin Lantus Humira Rituxan/Mab Thera Avastin Remitade Epogen/Procrit DEnbrel Year nne pharmaplan (''Large Molecules") A brief introduction to Small vs. Large molecule Pharmacetical edu sites all buy hydrocodone Products Small Molecules Chemical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) "Tablets" Oral Solid Dosage Form (OSD) Drying or Granulating Formulation Tableting Packaging Since l'1899J Chemical Synthesis Large Molecules Since l'1982J Inteferon molecule vs Aspirin Fermentation or Cell Culture Siemens Pharma Forum - Gert Moelgaard NNE Pharmaplan Formulation Packaging Biologics Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) "Injectables" Parenteral Dosage Form (aka Sterile Products) Aseptic Filling 10 companies compensation of patent losses 40.0% 30.0% 20.0% o u if C if M O o c/> _n 10.0% 0.0% -10.0% -20.hydrocodone substitute 0% -30.0% -40.0% -50.0% -60.0?

if n $ 1_ o O I- £ >- = £ cr _r o CQ u Scr/p 100 -2012 December 2011 ( >$2bn in 2010 -13) Soy roe; Datamonitor Replenishment rate H Erosion rate -Overall change ° ******** £**** s""sa$" nSbr ZO Year 0 Source; EfumVI &. Cardiovascular diseases cause 40% of all deaths in the United States. #1 Medical Expenses in USA: Heart Conditions - $95.6 Billion More than 80 million Americans have cardiovascular disease, which claims more than 860,000 lives a year.

To reduce your risk of heart disease complications, maintain a healthy weight by eating right and getting regular exercise. Be sure to follow your doctor'srecommendations to control other risk factors, like high blood pressure and diabetes. Pronova BioPharma has inaugurated a new facility to produce the first oiiiega-3 - based prescription drug approved for treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the EU and USA. Engineers Siemens'Pha INTERNATIONAL rum - Gert Moelgaard NNE Pharmaplan Our company film nne pharmaplan' Pfizer CEO focused or partnerships, LINDA - M \ Photo*; com xanax buy xanax buy xanax alprazolam lowest prices Daily Reporter 15- ^ucaly papng peop petition hits ihe U.S. marvel HANK McKINNELL Siemei IMNE Pharmaplan helped pioneer the ape of Hockbusterdrupi. Bin a dearth of neu products and feare |U!m-(c)j juSSid jou ssop ScH/\f9 0i|i# ejnsssjd isoo (c)oud 6rup (c)i|} oj puods(c)j oj p(c)p(c)0N • s(c)uisnpu! j0Ljj.o pujipjbj sj'pejje i(c)u (c)qj'i0A0M(c)|-| • siuej6ojd eiu6is xipue ue(c)~| tekjijneo'eiujeqci • - M IKsiSril1 _v • = ij^snpu; J0i|)o ujojj ujb0| cp(c)(c)N New regulation supports "Car industry thinking" Lean Six Sigma, PAT, QbD...

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