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Any Director so appointed shall hold office only up to the next annual general meeting of the Company and shall then be eligible for re-appointment. 145 (a) The Company may (subject to the provisions of Section 284 and other applicable provisions of the Act and these Articles) remove any Director other than ex-officio directors or special directors or debenture description tramadol directors or a nominee director or a director appointed by the Central Government in pursuance of Section 408 of the Act, before the expiry of his period in office. 146 (a) Subject to the restrictions imposed by the Articles and the provisions of the Act, no Director, Managing Director, or other Officer or employee of the Company shall be disqualified from holding his office by contracting with the Company either as a vendor, purchaser, agent, broker or otherwise, not shall any such contract or arrangement entered into by or on behalf of the Company in which any Director, Managing Director, Joint Managing Director, Executive Director hydrocodone 10/660 other officer or employee shall be in any way interested be liable to account to the Company for any profit realized by any such contract or arrangement by reason only of such Director, Managing Director, Officer or employee holding that office or of the fiduciary relation thereby established, but the nature of his or their interest must be disclosed by him or them in accordance witht the provisions of the Section 299 of the Act, wherever applicable. Qualification of Director 137 A Director need not hold any shares in the Company to qualify him for the office of a Director of the Company. 143 A person shall not be hydrocodone 10/660 capable of being appointed a Director if he has the disqualifications referred to in Section 174 of the Act Remuneration of Directors 138 (a) Subject to the provisions of the Act, a Managing Director or a Director in the wholetime employment of the Company cheap phentermine diet pill shall be paid remuneration either by way of monthly payment or at a specified percentage of the net profits of the Company or partly by one way and partly by the other (b) Subject to the provisions of the Act, a hydrocodone 10/660 Director, overseas pharmacy adderall who is neither in the wholetime employment nor a managing Director may be paid remuneration either (i) by way of monthly, quarterly or annual payment with the approval of the Central Government, or (ii) by way of commission if the Company by a special resolution has authorized such payment (c) The fee payable to Directors (other than Managing or wholetime Director, if any) for attending each meeting of the Board or Committee thereof shall be such sum as may be prescribed by the Act or the Central Government from time to time. 139 The Board may allow and pay to any Director for the purpose of attending a meeting such sum hydrocodone 10/660 either as fixed allowance and/or actual as the Board may consider fair compensation for travelling, board and lodging and incidental and/or such actual out of pocket expenses incurred by such Director in addition to his fees, for attending such meeting to and from the place at which the meeting of the Board or Committees thereof or general meetings of the Company are held from time to time or any other place at which the Director executes his duties. 172 Subject to the provisions of the Act, the management of hydrocodone 10/660 the business of the Company shall be vested in the Directors and the Directors may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as the Company is by the Memorandum of Association or otherwise authorized to exercise and do and not hereby or by statute or otherwise directed or required to be exercised or done by the Company in General Meeting, but subject nevertheless to the provisions of the Act and other Act and of the Menrandum of Association and these Articles and to any regulations, not being inconsistent with the Memorandum of Association and these Articles ot the Act, from time to time made by the company in general meeting provided that no such regulation shall invalidate any prior act of the Directors which would have been valid if such regulation had not been made. Dividends 178 The profits of the Company subject to any special rights relating thereto created or authorised to be created by these presents shall be divisible among the members in proportion to the amount of Capital paid up or credited as paid up on the shares held by them respectively. 179 No dividend shall be paid by the Company in respect of any share except to the registered holder of such share or to his order or to his banker. 180 Where a dividend has been declared by the Company it shall be paid within the period provided in Section 207 of the Act. 181 Where the Capital is paid up in advance of calls upon the footing that the same shall carry interest such Capital shall not, whilst carrying interest confer a right to dividend or to participate in profits. 182 (a) The Company shall pay dividends in proportion to the amounts paid up or credited as paid up on each share, when a larger amount is paid up or credited as paid up on some shares than on others.

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