How addictive is oxycodone

How addictive is oxycodone

Further, if any regulatory body were to require one of our how addictive is oxycodone manufacturing facilities to cease or limit production, our business could be adversely affected.

In addition, because regulatory approval to manufacture a drug is site-specific, the delay and cost of obtaining approval to manufacture at a different facility also could adversely affect our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition. Any material interruption at our manufacturing facilities or those of contract manufacturers engaged by us, including but not limited to power failure, fire and unexpected mechanical failure of equipment, could reduce our ability to meet the conditions of our contracts and earnings for the affected period, which how addictive is oxycodone could affect our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition. 14.Regulations to permit the sale of biotechnology-based products as bioequivalent or biosimilar drugs may be delayed in key markets such as the United States, or may otherwise jeopardize our investment in such products. We have made, and expect to continue to make, substantial investments in our ability to develop and produce biotechnology-based products, which require significant early-stage financial commitments. In aggregate, we have 11 projects in our biosimilars segment at various stages of development. Although some of these products may be sold as innovative products, one of our key strategic goals in making these investments is to position ourselves at the forefront of the development of bioequivalent or biosimilar generic versions of currently marketed biotechnology products. Based on our consolidated financial statements for fiscal 2012 and for the nine month period ended December 31, 2012, our biotechnology-based products accounted for ' 1,083.5 million and ' 692.6 million, respectively, which contributed 3.9% and 2.6% to our total income for fiscal 2012 and for the nine month period ended December 31, 2012, respectively.

To date, in many markets, most notably the United States, there does not yet exist a legislative or regulatory pathway for the registration and approval of such "biogeneric" products. Significant delays in the development of such pathways, or significant impediments that may be built into such pathways, could diminish the value of the investments that we have made, and will continue to make, in our biosimilar capabilities. As a result, generic competition may be delayed significantly, adversely affecting our ability to how addictive is oxycodone develop a successful biosimilars business. 15.Changes in technology may render our current technologies obsolete or require us to make substantial capital investments. Our industry is continually changing due to technological advances and scientific discoveries characterized by high expenses incurred on R&D. These changes result in the frequent introduction of new products and significant price competition.

If our pharmaceutical technologies, such as our branded generics, formulations and drug delivery systems become obsolete, and we are unable to effectively introduce new products, our business and results of operations could be adversely affected. Although we strive to keep our technology, facilities and machinery current with the latest international standards, the technologies, how addictive is oxycodone facilities and machinery we currently employ may become obsolete and we may not have the resources to adequately invest in R&D. The cost of implementing new technologies and upgrading our manufacturing facilities as well as R&D could be significant and could adversely affect our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition.

16.Our ability to attract co-development, outsourcing or licensing partners is dependent on various factors and we may not be able to attract such partners and may lose com dorian hydrocodone online site market share in the future. Further, our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition could beroende tramadol nedtrappning also be adversely affected by covenants in agreements with such partners how addictive is oxycodone which may be onerous and commercially restrictive.

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