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The Group's established internal procedures include the following: •The Ma nagement Team meetings cover in detail most, if not all, of the significant risks to which the Group is exposed, these deliberations are reported to the Board and further discussion considered •A table of significant risks has been prepared for the Board, splitting the categories by •Trading - Significantly between Sales and Supply Chain •Financial - In particular the integrity with which the Group is viewed by lenders and investors as a public company and exposure to liquidity and interest and exchange rates •General - Such as legal risk, the ability to recruit quality staff and the workload pressures existing on the current team • The Group prepares an annual budget, developed through a comprehensive strategic and operational process prior to commencement of the financial year A revised forecast is also prepared each month, including a projection of performance against bank covenants, and is reviewed by the Board.

The Board and management teams monitor the actual for hydrocodone bitartrate monthly performance of the Group against budget and forecasts with any significant variances highlighted and explained.

Relations with Shareholders At each meeting, the Board is updated on the meetings and communications with the shareholders and an analysis of the shareholder base is presented. Research notes by brokers are circulated to all Board members.

Throughout the year the Chief Executive Officer and Finance Director meet with the large, institutional shareholders who hold the majority of the shares. Regular feedback is given to the Board following meetings with the shareholders from the financial PR advisors, and from the shareholders via the brokers.

The Group recognises that whilst the majority of the shares are held by large institutions, attention should be paid to the private shareholders and the Investor Relations section of the Group's website is regularly updated and amended with the aim being to provide good information to all shareholders, particularly private investors. The website provides a facility to receive email alert notifications of Group news and stock exchange announcements.

In addition the Chief Executive Officer and Finance Director regularly present at for hydrocodone bitartrate conferences attended by many potential and current private shareholders and meet with Private Client Fund Managers representing the interests for hydrocodone bitartrate of private investors following which feedback is given to the Group. At the Annual General Meeting the Chairman buy hydrocodone online without a prescription issues a statement on current trading. All Directors are available following the meeting to answer questions and for informal discussions. The results of the proxy votes are announced at the meeting, including the abstentions and these are published on the website following the meeting. Directors' Remuneration 20 Remuneration Committee The members of the Remuneration Committee are: Paul Ranson (Chairman of the Remuneration Committee] Michael Gatenby Andrew Smith The Company Secretary attends the meetings of the Remuneration Committee as secretary to the Remuneration Committee.

The Chief Executive Officer and the Human Resources Director are also invited to attend certain meetings of the Remuneration Committee. Role of the Remuneration Committee The Remuneration Committee reviews and determines on behalf of the Board and shareholders of the Company the pay, benefits and other terms of service of the Executive Directors of the Company and the broad pay strategy with respect to senior Company employees. Remuneration Policy The objective of the Company's remuneration policy is to attract and retain the directors and senior executives needed to run the Company in a cost-effective manner. The remuneration policy of the Company has four principal components: 1.Basic Salaries and Benefits in Kind - Basic salaries are determined by the Remuneration Committee bearing in mind the salaries paid in AIM-listed and other small market capitalisation healthcare companies. Within that frame of reference, it is intended that pay should be at or near the median level.

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