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Additionally, Ind AS has fundamental differences with IFRS and therefore financial statements prepared under Ind AS may be substantially different from financial statements prepared under IFRS. There can be no assurance that our financial condition, results of operations, cash flow or changes in shareholders' equity will not appear materially different under Ind AS than under Indian GAAP or IFRS. As we adopt Ind AS reporting, we may encounter difficulties in the process of implementing and enhancing our management information systems. There can be no assurance that our adoption of Ind AS will not adversely affect our reported results of operations or financial condition and any failure to successfully adopt extra buy xanax Ind AS in accordance with the prescribed timelines may have a material adverse effect on our financial position and results of operations. 52.We cannot predict the effect of the proposed enactment of the Companies Bill, 2012 (the "Companies Bill") in India on our business. In December 2012, the Companies Bill was tabled before and passed by the lower house of the extra buy xanax Indian com new tramadol cheap tramadol without prescription parliament. The Companies Bill provides for, among other things, significant changes to the regulatory framework governing the issue of capital, corporate governance, audit procedures and corporate social responsibility. The Companies Bill is yet to be tabled before the upper house of the Indian parliament and will require the approval of the upper house as well as the President of India and must be published in the Official Gazette before becoming law. There is therefore no certainty that the Companies Bill will be passed in its current form, or at all. We have not determined the impact of this legislation on our business. 53.Our business and activities may be regulated by the Competition Act, 2002. The Parliament has enacted the Competition Act, 2002 (the "Competition Act") for the purpose of preventing practices that have or are likely to have an adverse effect on competition in India under the auspices of the Competition Commission of India (the "com go order phentermine CCI"). Under the Competition Act, any arrangement, understanding or action whether formal or informal which causes or is likely to cause an appreciable adverse effect on extra buy xanax competition is void and attracts substantial penalties. Any agreement, which , inter alia, directly or indirectly determines purchase or sale prices, limits or controls production, supply or distribution of goods and services, shares the market or source of is hydrocodone the same as codeine production by way of geographical area or number of customers in the market or where parties indulge in bid rigging is presumed to have an appreciable adverse effect on competition. The Competition Act also regulates combinations (i.e., acquisitions, acquiring of control, mergers or amalgamations). The Government of India notified the procedure governing the transaction of business relating to combinations on May 11, 2011. Any combination which meets the thresholds specified in the Competition Act is required to be notified to the CCI for prior approval. It is unclear at present as to how the Competition Act and the CCI will affect industries in India. If we are affected, directly or indirectly, by any provision of the Competition Act, or its application or interpretation, including any enforcement proceedings initiated by the CCI and any adverse publicity that may be generated due to scrutiny or prosecution by the CCI, it may have a material adverse effect on our business, prospects, results of operations, financial condition and the trading price of the Equity Shares. 54.Any downgrading of India's debt rating by an independent agency may harm our ability to raise debt financing. Any adverse revisions to India's credit ratings for domestic and international debt by international rating agencies may adversely affect our ability to raise additional financing and the interest rates and other commercial extra buy xanax terms at which such additional financing is available.

This could adversely affect our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition and the price of the Equity Shares. 55.Current economic conditions may adversely affect our industry, financial position and results of operations. The global economy is currently undergoing a period of unprecedented volatility, and the future economic environment may continue to be less favorable than that of recent years.

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