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For further details of the memorandum, see the the section titled "History and Certain Corporate Matters" on page 149. # Pursuant to an agreement dated February 9, 2005 between a partnership firm, M/s Intas Exports and our Company, our Company acquired the right to export certain pharmaceutical products without the involvement of Intas Exports, including all related assets and liabilities. As consideration for such takeover, which was agreed to be ' 390,000,000, our Company agreed to issue Equity Shares to the partners of Intas Exports at a premium of '590 each. ## Pursuant to the Composite Scheme of Arrangement, IBPL (along with Intas Pharma, Celestial and Astron Research) was merged with our Company, and as consideration, Equity Shares were allotted to the erstwhile shareholders of IBPL (except for our Company). The details of Preference Shares issued for consideration other than cash is as follows: Date of allotment Number of Face Issue Reasons for Allottees Preference value Price allotment Shares O O June 6, 2008 200,000 10 10 Allotment pursuant to the Dolphin Scheme* Shareholders of Dolphin, i.e.

Gandhi, El Dorado Investment Company Private Limited, Roopa R. Gandhi, Fusion Fiscal Services Private Limited, Ethnic Holdings Private Limited, Rajesh C. Gandhi (HUF), Chandrakant Gandhi (HUF), Chandrakant Gandhi, Jinesha R. Gandhi, Gentech Laboratories Limited, doctor oxycontin VCK Share & Stock Broking Services, Nita I. Vashi and IL&FS Trust Company Limited. February 15, 2010 129,982 10 10 Allotment pursuant to Zora Scheme Shareholders of Zora i.e. Karanjgaokar, Raghunandan Invatrade Private Limited, Date of allotment Number of Face Issue Preference value Price Reasons for allotment Allottees Shares (?) (?) Sourse Financial Services Limited, Udaysinh Patankar (HUF) jointly with Hirojirao R. Patankar and Parikh Dave and Associates through its Partners (doctor oxycontin Trustee). November 19, 400,000 10 1,000 Allotment pursuant Kotak Mahindra Trusteeship Services 2010 doctor oxycontin to share purchase Limited- A/c Kotak India Venture Fund I. agreement dated November 11, 2010# For details of the Dolphin Scheme, see the section titled "History and Certain Corporate Matters" on page 149. For details of the Zora Scheme, see the section titled "History and Certain Corporate Matters" on page 149. # The Preference Shares were allotted pursuant to the agreement dated November 11, 2010 between our Company and Kotak India doctor oxycontin Venture Fund 1,as consideration for acquisition of6,278,993 preference shares of IBPL.

For details relating to the share purchase agreement and acquisition of IBPL, see the section titled "History and Certain Corporate Matters" on page 149. Except for the following, no benefits have accrued to our Company out of the shares issued by the Company for consideration other than cash: (i) allotments made pursuant to the Dolhpin Scheme, as sanctioned by the BIFR; (ii) allotments made pursuant to the Composite Scheme of Arrangement as sanctioned by the High Court of Gujarat; and (hydrocodone class iii)allotments made as consideration for takeover of assets and liabilities of Intas Exports, M/s International Pharmaceuticals and IBPL. 2.History of Build up, Contribution and Lock-in of Promoter a) Build up of Promoters' shareholding in our Company Set forth below are the details of the build up of shareholding of our Promoters: Name of the Promoter Date of allotment/ transfer No.

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