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At the same time, the knowledge that a diazepam xanax pharmacist must have to serve this role is also expanding at an ever-increasing rate.

Pharmacists must know, and be able to apply to patient situations, drug and disease information that will allow them to prevent or correct drug overuse, misuse and underuse. The text Further MCQs in Pharmacy Practice is targeted towards the needs of final- year pharmacy students and graduates sitting for registration examinations. The format of the text is the presentation diazepam xanax of multiple choice questions (MCQs) that address drug and disease knowledge buying phentermine without prescription and its application. The questions also test that the pharmacist has a command of the basic knowledge to be able to carry out the services in an intelligent way.

Questions addressing pharmaceutical calculations, formulations, medicinal chemistry and pathology are included. There is both an open-book section of questions and a closed-book section. For each answer there is an explanatory diazepam xanax section, indicating why the selected answer is correct or diazepam xanax incorrect. The present text is an extension of the publication by Dr Azzopardi and colleagues entitled MCQs in Pharmacy Practice, which was published in 2003. The questions cover a wide range of therapeutic areas.

The MCQs take different formats to challenge one's knowledge in a buying xanax online without a prescription variety of ways. In my estimation, Further MCQs in Pharmacy Practice should prove to be very valuable to pharmacy students and graduates seeking registration in allowing a careful self-assessment of their drug and disease knowledge. The information covered in the questions is comprehensive hydrocodone discount pharmacy and very relevant to pharmacy practice.

The open-book section and the provision of explanations to the answers will help the reader identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in pharmacy knowledge and where to spend additional reading and review time. Of note, practising pharmacists would also likely benefit from a self-assessment through Further MCQs in Pharmacy Practice to contribute to diazepam xanax their continuing professional development. I highly recommend the text and commend the authors for providing a practical and useful educational tool for self-assessment of drug and disease knowledge that is pertinent to pharmacy practice. Peter H Vlasses, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP Executive Director Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Chicago, Illinois, USA June 2006 Pharmacy educators have a responsibility towards society to ensure that pharmacy graduates have the skills to practise the profession competently. During pharmacy education, assessments are carried out over the years to develop a graduate's portfolio, which demonstrates the ability of the graduates to perform the different skills.

For a graduate to be able to practise the profession competently, assessments are carried out to evaluate the development of a knowledge base, the interpretation and application of knowledge, evaluation of data, mathematical skills and time management.

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