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Some of our lenders cod pay tramadol also have the right to appoint codeine vs hydrocodone a nominee on our Board. Further, any event of default in respect of our outstanding NCDs would give the holders of the NCDs the right to declare all the NCDs and all interest accrued thereon to be due and payable forthwith by us and the security, created for the purposes of the NCD, would become enforceable, which would entitle them to enter upon and take possession of the assets of our Company and to transfer the assets of our Company by way of lease, license or sale.

For further information, see the section titled "Financial Indebtedness" on page 256.

Our financing agreements also typically contain certain financial covenants including the requirement to maintain, among others, specified debt-to-equity ratios. These covenants vary depending on the requirements of the financial institution extending the loan and the conditions negotiated under each financing document. Such covenants may restrict or delay certain actions or initiatives that we may propose to take cod pay tramadol from time to time. We cannot assure you that we have complied with all such covenants in a timely manner or at all, and/or requested or received all consents from our lenders that are required by our financing agreements. A failure to observe the covenants under our financing arrangements or to obtain necessary consents required thereunder may lead to the termination of our credit facilities, levy of penal interest, acceleration of all amounts due under such facilities and the enforcement of any security provided. Any acceleration of but xanax online amounts due under such facilities may also trigger cross default provisions under our other financing agreements. If the obligations under any of our financing agreements are accelerated, we may have to dedicate a substantial portion of our cash flow from operations to make payments under such financing documents, thereby reducing the availability of cash for our working capital requirements and other general corporate purposes. Further, during any period in which we are in default, we may be unable to raise, or cod pay tramadol face difficulties raising, further financing. In addition, other third parties may have concerns over our financial position and it may be difficult to market our financial products. Any of these circumstances could adversely affect our business, credit rating, prospects, results of operations and financial condition.

Moreover, any such action initiated by our lenders could result in the price of the Equity Shares being adversely affected. Our ability to make payments on our indebtedness will depend on our future performance and our ability to generate cash, which to a certain extent is subject to general cod pay tramadol economic, financial, competitive, legislative, legal, regulatory and other factors, many of which are beyond our control.

If our future cash flows from operations and other capital resources are insufficient to pay our debt obligations, meet our contractual obligations, or to fund our other liquidity needs, we may be forced to sell assets or attempt to restructure or refinance our existing indebtedness. Any refinancing of our debt could be at higher interest rates and may require us to comply with more onerous covenants, which could further restrict our business operations. The terms of existing or future debt instruments may restrict us from adopting some of these alternatives.

In addition, any failure to make payments of interest and principal on our outstanding indebtedness on a timely basis would likely result in a reduction of our creditworthiness and/or any credit rating we may hold, which could harm our ability to incur additional indebtedness on acceptable terms.

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