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Q74 Patients using oral rehydration salts should be advised that after reconstitution, any unused solution should be discarded no later than 1 hour after preparation unless stored in a refrigerator. Oral rehydration solutions should be slightly hypo-osmolar. Q75 Use of ibandronic acid leads to an increase in the bone mineral density at the spine.

Ibandronic acid interferes with bone mineralization and results in an overall increase in bone remodelling and bone turnover. Q76 Levothyroxine sodium is the synthetically prepared sodium salt of the natural isomer of thyroid hormone. Levothyroxine sodium tablets are unstable and require administration on an empty stomach. Q77 When starting levothyroxine, a baseline ECG is recommended. The baseline ECG is used to distinguish underlying myocardial ischaemia from changes induced by hypothyroidism. Q78 Levothyroxine is contraindicated in patients with a history of myocardial infarction. Levothyroxine may cause palpitations and tachycardia as side-effects. Q79 Tamoxifen is an oestrogen-receptor antagonist that is only effective as adjuvant endocrine therapy of early breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Tamoxifen is given by mouth and treatment should not exceed 1 year. Q80 hydrocodone with c.o.d shipping Women receiving tamoxifen should be advised to have routine gynaecological monitoring. Uterine fibroids and endometrial changes may occur with tamoxifen.

Questions 81-100 Directions: Read the statement or patient request and follow the instructions. Questions 81-83: Extrapyramidal symptoms may occur as a side-effect of antipsychotic drugs. Put the following in order of precipitation of extrapyramidal symptoms, assigning 1 to the drug most likely to induce them and 3 to the drug least likely to induce this side-effect. Q81 chlorpromazine Q83 prochlorperazine Questions 84-86: Put the following adverse effects of fluticasone aqueous nasal spray in order of occurrence, assigning 1 to the side-effect that occurs most commonly and 3 to the side-effect that occurs least commonly.

Q84 bronchospasms Q85 irritation of nose claritin d link phentermine biz usa online Q86 raised intraocular pressure Questions 87-89: A client asks for a salicylic acid gel he is buying for his mother for the removal of corns and calluses. Put the following counselling points by the pharmacist in order of relevance, assigning 1 to the information that is most important to be presented to the patient and 3 to the information that is least relevant to the patient. Q87 to protect surrounding skin with petroleum jelly Q88 not to use if the patient is diabetic Q89 to rub the surface gently with a file or pumice stone daily Questions 90-95: A patient presents with symptoms of blepharitis. For the following drugs, place your order of preference, assigning 1 to the product that should be recommended as first choice and 6 to the product that should be recommended as a last choice. Q90 chloramphenicol eye drops Q91 ciprofloxacin tablets Q92 dexamethasone eye drops Q93 fusidic acid eye drops Q94 gentamicin eye ointment Q95 gentamicin and betamethasone eye drop Questions 96-100: Put the following diagnostic tests in order of relevance for the management of a diabetic patient on insulin therapy, assigning 1 to the test that should be recommended as first choice and 5 to the test that should be recommended as a last claritin d link phentermine biz usa online choice. Q96 blood glucose measurement Q97 blood cholesterol and triglycerides measurement Q98 glycosylated haemoglobin Q99 urinalysis for glucose Q100 urinalysis for leukocytes and nitrites Test 8 Answers A1 D The patient was infused 650 mL of dextrose 5% and 850 mL of normal saline giving a total of 1500 mL between 8.00 am and midnight. A2 D The patient's daily dose is 154 mg (2 mg X 77 kg). Dapsone tablets are available as 50 mg so the patient requires 3 tablets of dapsone 50 mg on a daily basis. Hence 90 tablets (3 X 30 days) of dapsone 50 mg should be dispensed to the patient. A3 D The patient should be given 3000 mL over 720 minutes (12 hours X claritin d link phentermine biz usa online 60 minutes).

Since 5 drops make 1 mL then 15 000 drops (3000 mL X 5 drops) are required for 3000 mL. Hence 15 000 drops should be infused claritin d link phentermine biz usa online over 720 minutes at a rate of 20.8 (15 000/720) or 21 drops/minute.

A4 D There are 4.2 g of sodium bicarbonate in 100 mL; in 10 mL of solution there are 0.42 g (4.2 X 10/100).

A5 C A 1:5 strength solution is 50 (250/5) mL : 250 mL resulting solution. A6 B One pack of Rhinocort Acqua delivers a total dose of 7680 pg (64 pg X 120 doses), equivalent to 7.68 mg (7680/1000).

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