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However, under-subscription, if any, in the QIB Portion will not be allowed to be met with spill-over from other categories or a combination of categories. QIB Bidders and Non-Institutional Bidders are not permitted to withdraw their Bid(s) or lower the size 4 buy tramadol to of their Bid(s) (in terms of buy tramadol tablets quantity of Equity Shares or the Bid Amount) at any stage.

Retail Individual Bidders can revise their Bid(buy tramadol tablets s) during the Issue Period and withdraw their Bid(s) until finalization of Basis of Allotment. For further details, see the section "Terms of the Issue" on page 402. Our Company will comply with the SEBI Regulations and any other ancillary directions issued by SEBI for this Issue.

In this regard, our Company has appointed the BRLMs to manage this Issue and procure subscriptions to this Issue. Bidders are advised to make their own judgment about an investment through this process prior to submitting a Bid.

Check eligibility for making a Bid (see the section "Issue Procedure - Who Can Bid?" on page 414; 2. Ensure that you have an active demat account and the demat account details are correctly mentioned buy tramadol tablets in the Bid cum Application Form; 3. Except for Bids (i) on behalf of the Central or State Governments and the officials appointed by the courts, who, in terms of a SEBI circular dated June 30, 2008, may be exempt from specifying their PAN for transacting in the securities market; and (ii) Bids by persons resident in the state of Sikkim, who, in terms of a SEBI circular buying hydrocodone org 4 buy tramadol online cod dated July 20, 2006, may be exempted from specifying their PAN for transacting in the securities market, for Bids of all values, ensure that you have mentioned your buy tramadol tablets PAN allotted under the Income Tax Act in the Bid cum Application Form.

In accordance with the circulars issued by SEBI, the PAN would be the sole identification number for participants transacting in the securities market, buy tramadol tablets irrespective of the amount of transaction (see the section "Issue Procedure -Permanent Account Number or PAN" on page 441 of this DRHP). Ensure that the Bid cum Application Form is duly completed as per instructions given in the Red Herring Prospectus and in the Bid cum Application Form; 5.

Bids by QIBs (except Anchor Investors) and Non-Institutional Bidders shall be submitted only through the ASBA process; 6. Bidders can submit their Bids through ASBA either by submitting Bid cum Application Forms to (i) the Syndicate/Sub Syndicate at any of the Syndicate Bidding Centres, or the Non Syndicate Registered Brokers at any of the Non Syndicate Broker Centres, or (ii) the SCSBs with whom the ASBA Account is maintained.

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