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In accordance with Section 109B of the Companies Act, any person who becomes a nominee by virtue of Section 109A of the Companies Act as mentioned above, shall, upon the production of such evidence as may be required by our Board, elect either: •to register himself or herself as the holder of the Equity Shares; or •to make such transfer of the Equity Shares, as the deceased holder could have made. Further, our Board may at any time give notice requiring any nominee to choose either to be registered himself or herself or to transfer the Equity Shares, and if the notice is not complied with within a period of 90 days, our Board may thereafter withhold payment of all dividends, bonuses or other monies payable in respect of the Equity Shares, until the requirements of the notice have been complied with. Since the Allotment will be made only in dematerialised form, there shall be no requirement for a separate nomination with our Company. Nominations registered with the respective Depository Participant of the applicant will prevail. If the investors require to change their nomination, they are requested to inform their respective Depository Participant. Minimum Subscription In the event our Company does not receive a minimum subscription of 90% of the Fresh Issue, including devolvement to the Underwriters within 60 days from the Bid/ Issue Closing Date, we shall forthwith refund the entire subscription amount received. If there is a delay beyond eight days after our Company becomes liable to pay the amount, we shall pay such interest prescribed under Section 73 of the Companies Act. The requirement for minimum subscription is not applicable to the Offer for Sale. In case of under-subscription in the Issue, the Equity Shares in the Fresh Issue will be issued prior to the Equity Shares in the Offer for Sale.

Further, in accordance with Regulation 26(4) of the SEBI Regulations, our Company shall ensure that the number of prospective allottees to whom the Equity Shares will be Allotted will be not less than 1,000. Application by Eligible NRIs, buy hydrocodone no rx no member fees FIIs and Sub-Accounts It is to be distinctly understood that there is no reservation for NRIs and FIIs, Sub-Accounts or FVCIs and other Non-Residents. Such Eligible NRIs, FIIs, Sub-Accounts or FVCIs and other Non-Residents shall be treated on the same basis as other categories for the purposes of Allocation. 53 dated December 17, 2003, the RBI has permitted FIIs to subscribe to shares of an Indian company in a public offer, subject to the applicable ceiling for foreign investment in such Indian company, without the prior approval of the RBI, so long buy hydrocodone no rx no member fees as the price of the equity buy hydrocodone no rx no member fees shares to be issued is not less than the price at which the equity shares are issued to residents. In accordance with the FEMA and the regulations framed thereunder, OCBs cannot Bid in the buy hydrocodone no new phentermine order phentermine online consultation rx no member fees Issue. Arrangements for disposal of odd lots Since our Equity Shares will be traded in dematerialised form only, the market lot for our Equity Shares will be one, no arrangements for disposal of odd lots are required. Restriction on transfer and transmission of shares Except for the lock-in of the pre-Issue Equity Shares, Promoters' minimum contribution and Allotment made to Anchor Investor pursuant to the Issue, as detailed in the section entitled "Capital Structure" on page 62, there are no restrictions on transfers and transmission of Equity Shares and on their consolidation/ splitting buy hydrocodone no rx no member fees except as provided in our Articles.

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