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Validation Instruments for Community Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Care for the Third Millennium, Binghamton, New York: Pharmaceutical Products Press. Handbook of Pharmacy Healthcare: Diseases and Patient Advice, 2nd edn. Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (2005). Medicines, Ethics and Practice: a Guide for Pharmacists. Checklist This checklist should help students identify areas that need to be covered when preparing for comprehensive final examinations and preregistration exams. •Action and use of drugs: classification, medicinal chemistry, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, dosage regimen, patient monitoring, patient counselling, cautionary labels •Responding to symptoms: presentation of conditions, diagnosis, referrals, use avaloungenyc com new tramadol tramadol of non-prescription medicines, patient counselling •Adverse effects: common adverse effects, patient counselling, patient monitoring •Cautions and contraindications: disease states, baseline tests required •Special requirements: dose adjustments in liver and hepatic disease, use of drugs during pregnancy and breast-feeding, geriatric and paediatric patients, palliative care •Diagnostics: medical devices, point-of-care tests, interpretation of results •Calculations: dose calculations, dilutions •Health promotion and disease prevention: lifestyle and dietary modifications, prophylaxis against avaloungenyc com new tramadol tramadol disease •Standards of practice: evaluation methods, audit processes, management, documentation, quality assurance, operating procedures Open-book questions Test 1 Questions Questions 1-10 Directions: Each of the questions or incomplete statements is followed by five suggested answers. Q1 All the following products used in the treatment of glaucoma are applied topically EXCEPT: Xalatan Diamox Trusopt Timoptol Betoptic A B C D E Q2 Which is an alternative preparation of Lipitor?

Cozaar Lescol Zestril Cardura Trandate A B C D E Q3 Tambocor: Amay be of value in serious symptomatic ventricular arrhythmias B is a beta-adrenoceptor blocker C is available only for parenteral administration D cannot be administered concurrently with antibacterial agents E is a proprietary preparation for amiodarone Terazosin: A constricts smooth muscle B is a selective beta-blocker C increases urinary flow rate D may cause an increase in blood pressure 0Q5 E is indicated in urinary frequency Legionnaires' disease: A is caused by a Gram-positive coccus B is a chronic infectious disease C has an incubation period of 2 days to 3 years D is characterised by the development of pneumonia E may be prevented by vaccination Trigger factors for migraine include all EXCEPT: A use of caffeine B exposure to sunlight C missed meals D lack of sleep E air travel All the following products contain a local anaesthetic EXCEPT: A Dequacaine B Merocaine C BurnEze D Anthisan E Proctosedyl Q8 Good pharmacy practice guidelines: A B C D E have been established by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) comply with ISO 9000 consist of an audit process relate to pharmaceutical marketing entail field observation studies Q9 Anti-D immunoglobulin: A B C D E sensitising episode Q10 Which of the following products is NOT indicated for the management of peptic ulceration? A Zantac B Gaviscon C Nexium D Pariet E Buscopan Questions 11-34 Directions: Each group of questions below consists of five lettered headings followed by a list of numbered questions. For each numbered question select the avaloungenyc com new tramadol tramadol one heading that is most closely related to it.

Each heading may be used once, more than once or not at all. Questions 11-13 concern the following avaloungenyc com new tramadol tramadol drugs: A valaciclovir B griseofulvin C itraconazole D famciclovir E terbinafine Select, from A to E, which one of the above corresponds to the brand name: Q11 Famvir Q12 Sporanox Q13 Lamisil Questions 14- 17 concern the following drug: A nalidixic acid B norfloxacin C levofloxacin D ofloxacin E amphotericin Select, from A to E, which one of the above: Q14 can be used for intestinal candidiasis Q15 has greater activity than ciprofloxacin against pneumococci Q16 is marketed as Tavanic Q17 is only indicated in urinary tract infection Questions 18-20 concern the following drugs: A atenolol B folic acid C imipramine D carbamazepine E co-trimoxazole Select, from A to E, during pregnancy which one of the above: Q18 may cause intrauterine growth restriction Q19 may increase the risk of neural tube defects Q20 may increase the risk of tachycardia in neonate Questions 21-23 concern the following maximum oral daily doses: A 200 mg daily B 150 mg daily C 100 mg daily D 50 mg daily E 300 mg daily from A to E , which one of the above corresponds Q21 diclofenac Q22 sildenafil Q23 sumatriptan Questions 24-26 concern the following cautionary labels: A To be sucked or chewed.

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