Xanax online cosultation

Xanax online cosultation

For ORCHID - ESOP 2010 Scheme The closing price of the shares of Orchid on the date prior to the day on which the options were granted by the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors. •Options Vested during the year Options exercised during the year •Total no. of shares arising out of Exercise of options •Options lapsed Variations of terms of Options •2010-2011 - Rs 329.55 Nil Nil Nil 2,402,393 options (1,175,499 options have lapsed out of the buy hydrocodone mexican pharmacy no rx needed original 1,500,000 options granted and 232,494 options have lapsed out of the options arising out of the adjustment due to bonus issue, under Orchid-ESOP 1999 Scheme and 994,400 options have lapsed xanax online cosultation under Orchid-ESOP 2005 Scheme).

3.0options have lapsed out of 901,000 options granted xanax online cosultation under Orchid-ESOP 2010 Scheme.

ORCHID - ESOP 1999 Scheme An adjustment in share price/the number of options outstanding was made by the Company in respect of the Employee Stock Options granted but not exercised by the Employees due xanax online cosultation to the issue of bonus shares during October 2005. Accordingly, the total numbers of options outstanding (so as to be multiplied by 3/2) as well as the price at which each option may be exercised (so as to be multiplied by 2/3) were adjusted. of options in force For the 300,000 options granted during April 2006 at a price of Rs 339.25, the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors revised the price of the xanax online cosultation options in the interest of the employees, due to the fall in the price of the shares of the Company and accordingly approved a xanax online cosultation repricing of the options from Rs 339.25 to Rs 193.25 as per the closing price of Orchid at National Stock Exchange of India Limited on August 11, 2006 and the same was approved by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on July 19, 2007.

• Employee wise details of options granted to i) Senior Managerial Personnel ii) Employees holding 5% or more of the total number of options granted during the year iii) Employees who were issued shares equal to or exceeding 1% of the issued capital 901,000 options were granted to Senior Managerial Personnel during the year under Orchid-ESOP 2010 Scheme. of shares issued during the year Nil • Earnings per share (Diluted) Rs 18.71 • Where the Company has calculated the employee compensation cost using the intrinsic value of the stock options, the difference between the employee compensation so computed and the employee compensation cost that shall have been recognised if it had used the fair value of the options, shall be disclosed. The impact of this difference on profits and codine hydrocodone 10/325 on EPS of the Company shall also be disclosed. The Company granted the options to the employees at market price under the Orchid- ESOP 1999, 2005 and 2010 schemes.

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