Vicodin with flexeril

Vicodin with flexeril

50, 00,000/- (Rupees Fifty Lakhs only) for purchase of immovable assets like motor vehicles and utilities and to create charge on these assets; The Committee comprises Mr. 7.1 The last 3 Annual General Meetings were held as under: Financial Year Date Time Location 2005-06 20.09.2006 II.30 AM Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Race Course Road, Bangalore - 56000I. 2006-07 20-09-2007 4.00 PM Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Race Course Road, Bangalore - 56000I. 2007-08 23-09-2008 4.00 PM Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Race Course Road, Bangalore - 56000I. 6.2 The Special Resolutions passed by the Company in its I9th, 20th and 2Ist Annual General Meeting(s) held on 20-09-2006, 20-09-2007, 23-09-2008 are as under ; Date of AGM AGM No. Business Transacted by Special Resolution 20-09-2006 I9 1) Revision in remuneration of Mr.

Prasanna, whole time Director. 20-09-2007 20 NIL 23-09-2008 2I Revision in remuneration of Dr.S. Prasanna, whole time Director 7.POSTAL BALLOT - The Company has not passed any resolution by way of Postal Ballot during the financial year 2008-09; 8.DISCLOSURES: Messers Desa Marketing International, Bangalore, under an agreement with the Company, provides service support for enhancing and promoting demerol versus oxycontin business interests of the Company and also sourcing various products for the Company. Shailesh Siroya, Managing Director, is interested in the said agreement which has already got approval from the Central Govt. under Section 297 (I) of the Companies Act, I956 and this Agreement has been revised w-e-f 07.06.2008 for a further period of 3 (three) years (up to 3I-03-20II ). 9.MEANS OF COMMUNICATIONS: Unaudited quarterly/half yearly financial results are published in widely circulating national and regional (Kannada) dailies.

Press release on the highlights of vicodin with flexeril the quarterly/half yearly results is also given. These are, however, not sent individually to the Shareholders. The results are also promptly forwarded to Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE)., and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE), wherein the Shares are listed.

During the financial vicodin with flexeril year, the Company has not made any presentation to the institutional investors or analysts. 10.GENERAL SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION: Sl No. Item Particulars I Date of Incorporation May I9, I987 2 Date and Time of Annual General Meeting At I0.30 AM on 25-09-2009 3 Venue of Annual General Meeting Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Race Course Road, Bangalore - 56000I. 4 Date of Book Closure 22nd Sept. 2009 to vicodin with flexeril 25th Sept.2009 (Both days inclusive ) 5 Financial Calendar Ist April 2009 - 3Ist March 20I0 6 Financial reporting for the first quarter ended on 30-06-2009 Last week of July 2009 7 Financial reporting for the second quarter ended on 30-09-2009 Last week of October 2009 8 Financial reporting for the adhd treatment adderall third quarter ended 3I-I2-2009 Last week of January 20I0 9 Financial reporting for the year ended on 3I-03-20I0 Last week of April, 20I0 I0 Listing on Stock Exchanges Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd., (BSE) National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., (NSE) II Stock Code BSE Scrip Code - 524824 NSE symbol - BALPHARMA I2 ISIN Number INE083D0I0I2 I3 Dividend payment date On or before 24 - I0-2009 I4 Outstanding GDR/ADR Warrants Not Applicable 11. MARKET PRICE DATA: Monthly high and low quotations as well as the volume of shares traded at Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd., during 2008-09 are as under: Month High (Rs) Low (Rs) Trade Volume April 2008 40.70 26.60 I3,I48,400.00 May 2008 35.90 28.35 2,647,975.00 June 2008 35.40 26.00 5,070,262.00 July 2008 28.00 22.65 2,258,73I.00 August 2008 29.90 25.55 I,393,9II.00 September 2008 29.75 2I.95 I,334,033.00 October 2008 24.90 I4.90 I,726,789.00 November 2008 I9.35 I4.I5 549,289.00 December 2008 I9.I9 I3.96 488,35I.00 January 2009 I9.60 I5.00 650,329.00 February 2009 I7.65 I4.75 402,855.00 March 2009 I5.65 I3.I5 4II,873.00 * Share price movements with reference to BSE hydrocodone 10 mg $39.95 Index r \ SHARE PRICE MOVEMENTS WITH REFERENCE TO BSE INDEX 40.00 35.00 30.00 25.00 20.00 15.00 10.05.00 0.00 20,000.00 18,000.00 16,000.00 14.0.

00 0.00 CO CO CO CO 00 CO CO CO O' O' o 9 o o o o o o o o X c 3 60 CL +" u c _D 3 3 Bionor Pharma is a biotechnology company focusing on the treatment of life threatening viral diseases, especially HIV and has a platform capability of addressing other key viral diseases including Influenza, HPV, Herpes and Hepatitis C >Bionor Pharma ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE:BIONOR) >The Company's lead investigational product is Vacc-4x -One of the furthest advanced cellular therapeutic vaccines in the HIV space -Phase II reboost study ongoing -Phase II combination study with Revlimid(r) (lenalidomide) ongoing > Bionor Pharma's second investigational product in clinical development is Vacc-C5 one of the first humoral therapeutic vaccines in the HIV area At a recent PIPE in September/October 2013 the Company raised NOK 75 mill ($12.5 mill) -Combination with HDACi Istodax(r) (romidepsin) to start in H1 2014 # Current Treatment - Unmet Need & Functional Cure of HIV HIV Pandemic Global Health Care Problem at a Huge Cost Adults and Children Estimated to be Living with HIV North America 1.4 million 1.1 mill-2.0 mil Eastern Europe & Central Asia " East 1.4 million [1.1 tnill-1.8 mill] t Asia* [0.53 mil gljJPri nil] Caribbean L/23"Q0.0 ftill-0.25 mill] I South & South-East Asia 4.0 million [0T25jnill-0.36 >Total of 34 million HIV patients W-W >Treatment of HIV infection consists of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) >There are >20 approved cART drugs in six classes >cART HIV sales in the US and five major EU markets estimated at $15bn in 2014 Middle East & North Africa I 300 000 5 w "" Sub-Saharan Africa 23.5 million [22.1 mill-t4.8 mill] Source: UNAIDS 2012 Total 34 million [31.4 mill - 35.9 mill] Source: CDC; and Nature Publications The Conventional HIV Medication - cART Existence of an Unmet Need - cART Does Not Cure HIV >cART HIV Medication effectively reduces viral load, BUT: -It does not cure HIV, and must be taken daily for the rest of the patients life -If cART is discontinued, virus load rebounds rapidly -It does not destroy virus producing cells (latent infected reservoirs) >Cost of life-long treatment in the US is estimated to approximately $400,000 per patient >Emergence of co-morbidities related to chronic HIV infection (cardiovascular diseases, chronic liver disease, reduced renal function, premature aging and cancers) >Social marginalization and stigma Increasing Focus on Functional vicodin with flexeril Cure for HIV HIV Remission Without cART Treatment > The Functional Cure is on the tramadol cialis generic drugs zyrtec rxpricebusters com agenda - Increasing interest from clinicians, scientists, HIV activist groups as well as individual HIV patients > One of the key components in a possible future cure strategy will be a therapeutic ** zfter fh 18 n°^7 a " " SgSg 5 " - - NIAD > Health S Research Topics > HIV/ADS > Research > Cure Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases.

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