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Provided that the Board may in its absolute discretion waive the aforesaid conditions in a fit and proper case(s) and the decision of the Board shall be final in such case(s). (f) Nothing in this Article shall prejudice any power of the Company to refuse to register the transfer of any share. 64 The instrument of transfer shall after registration be retained by the Company and shall remain in their custody. All instruments of transfer which the Directors may decline to register, shall on demand' be returned to the persons depositing no prescription next day xanax the same. The Directors may cause to be destroyed all transfer deeds lying with the Company after such period as they may determine. 65 The Board shall have power on giving not less than seven days' previous notice by advertisement in some newspaper circulating in the district in which the office of the Company is situate, to close the Transfer books, the Register of members or Register of debenture holders at such time or times and for such period or periods, not exceeding thirty days at a time and not exceeding in the aggregate forty five no prescription next day xanax days in each year. 66 Only fully paid shares or debentures shall be transferred to a minor acting through his/her legal or natural guardian. Under no circumstances, shares or debentures be transferred to any insolvent or a person of unsound mind. 67 The executors or administrators of a deceased member (not being one or two or more joint holders) or the holder of a deceased member (not being one or two or more joint holders) shall be the only persons whom the Company will be bound to recognise as having any title to the shares registered in the name of such member, and the Company shall not be bound to recognise such executors or administrators or the legal representatives unless they shall have first obtained probate or Letters of no prescription next day xanax Administration or a Succession Certificate, as the case may be, from a duly constituted competent court in India, provided that in any case where the Directors in their absolute discretion think fit, the Directors may dispense with the production of probate or Letters of Administration or a Succession Certificate upon such terms as to indemnity or otherwise as the Directors in their absolute discretion may think necessary and under Article 70 register the name of any person who claims to be absolutely entitled to the shares standing in the name of a deceased member, as a member. 68 (a) Subject to the provisions of articles 67 and 77(d), any person becoming entitled to any share in consequence of the death, lunacy, bankruptcy or insolvency of any member or by any lawful means other than by a transfer in accordance with these presents, may with the consent no prescription next day xanax of the directors (which they shall not be under any obligation to give) upon producing such evidence that he sustains the character in respect of which he proposes to act under this article or of such titles as the directors shall buy xanax it is think sufficient, either be registered himself as a member in respect of such shares or elect to have some person nominated by him and approved by the directors registered as a member in respect of such shares.

Provided nevertheless that if such person shall elect to have his nominee registered he shall testify his election by executing in favour of his nominee an instrument of transfer in accordance with the provisions herein contained and until he does so, he shall not be free from any liability in respect of such shares. (b) A transfer of the shares or other interest in the Company of a deceased member thereof made by his legal representative shall, although the legal representative is not himself a member be as valid as if he had been a member at the time of the execution of the instrument of transfer. (c) Notwithstanding anything contained in these Articles every holder of shares in or Debenture of the Company may, at hydrocodone withhout doctor prescription any time, nominate in the prescribed manner a person in whom his shares or debentures shall vest in the event of death of such phentermine star viagra xanax holder and the provisions of Section 109A and 109B of the Act shall apply in respect of each nomination. 69 The person becoming entitled to a share by reason of the death, lunacy, bankruptcy or insolvency of the holder shall be entitled to the same dividends and other advantages to which he would be entitled as if he were registered holder of the shares except that he shall not before being registered as a member in respect of the share, be entitled in respect of it, to exercise any right conferred by membership in relation to the meeting of the Company provided that the Board may at any time give notice requiring any such persons to elect either to be registered himself or to transfer shares and if the notice is not complied within sixty days, the Board may thereafter withhold payment of all dividends, interests, bonuses or other moneys payable in respect of the share until the requirements of the notice have been complied with. 70 A person entitled to a share by transmission shall, subject to the right of the Directors to retain such dividends, bonuses or moneys as hereinafter provided be entitled to receive, and may give a discharge for any dividends, bonuses or other moneys payable in respect of the share/debenture. 71 Article 70 shall not prejudice the provisions of Articles 44 and 55. 72 The Directors shall have the same right to refuse on legal ground to register a person entitled by transmission to any shares or his nominee as if he were the transferee named in an ordinary transfer presented for registration. 73 Every transmission of a share shall be verified in such manner as the Directors may require, and the Company may refuse to register any such transmission until the same be so verified or until or unless an indemnity be given to the Company with regard to such registration which the Directors at their discretion shall consider sufficient, provided nevertheless that there shall not be any obligation on the Company or the Directors to accept any indemnity. 74 No fee shall be charged for registration of transfer, transmission, Probate, Succession certificate and Letters of administration.

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