Generic oxycontin availability 2008

Generic oxycontin availability 2008

Similarly, the treatment effects in both study sites favored treatment with alprazolam XR compared generic oxycontin availability 2008 to placebo.

Patterson had a smaller number of subjects, there was a higher percentage of subjects available for analyses at Week 6, and the treatment effects tended to be higher for most of the primary endpoints. Efficacy Conclusions For all 7 co-primary efficacy endpoints in the pivotal study, there were statistically significant differences between the group treated with alprazolam XR and the group treated with placebo. The differences suggest that there was a significant treatment effect for alprazolam XR. Moreover, the treatment effect of alprazolam XR, as measured by endpoints relevant for Panic Disorder with or without Agoraphobia, was clinically meaningful and significant. Treatment with the drug resulted in statistically and clinically significant reductions in the number and severity of panic attacks, phobic avoidance, and in global measures of the severity of illness and dysfunction associated with the illness. It is concluded that this study supports the claim that alprazolam XR is effective in the treatment of Panic Disorder with or without Agoraphobia.

Integrated Review of Safety A.Brief Statement of Conclusions Alprazolam XR wa s reasonably safe and well tolerated in the treatment of subjects with Panic Disorder with or without Agoraphobia, based on the evaluation of treatment- emergent and discontinuation-emergent adverse events, clinical laboratory measures, and vital signs. There were no deaths during the 5 placebo-controlled studies or any of the other 32 studies using alprazolam XR.

In comparison with safety data regarding treatment with alprazolam IR and other benzodiazepines, there were no unexpected adverse events attributed to treatment with alprazolam XR. The types, rates, and severity of treatment-emergent and discontinuation-emergent adverse events with alprazolam XR were quite similar to those observed with alprazolam IR treatment. During treatment and drug discontinuation generic oxycontin availability 2008 phases of placebo-controlled trials with alprazolam XR, adverse events occurred predominantly in the central nervous system. The most commonly reported treatment-emergent adverse events attributed to alprazolam XR were. somnolence, sedation, fatigue, dizziness, and memory impairment.

The most commonly reported discontinuation-emergent adverse events attributed to discontinuation of alprazolam XR group were insomnia, headache, nausea, tremor, dizziness, and anxiety.. Its potential for abuse is slightly lower than that of alprazolam IR and is intermediate among other benzodiazepines. B.Description of Patient Exposure in Placebo-Controlled Trials of Alprazolam XR In Panic Disorder between 2 mg ancl 6 generic oxycontin availability 2008 mg.

Age, gender, race, and concurrent illness did not affect the distribution of mean daily or mean final dose. •In the 2 active-controlled studies, the exposure for the alprazolam XR treatment group was 28.7 patient-years. The majority does hair drug test for hydrocodone of alprazolam XR patients (88.1%) received a mean daily dose does oxycontin contain apirin of between 2 mg and 6 mg.

Similarly, the majority of alprazolam XR patients (85.9%) received a mean final dose of between 2 mg and 6 mg. •In the single non-controlled study in Panic Disorder, the exposure for the alprazolam XR treatment group was 3.3 patient-years. •For the 5 studies in other indications, the hydrocodone link exposure for the alprazolam XR treatment groups was 19.3 patient-years.

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