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Global generics market: The global generics market was worth about US$ 89 billion in 2009-10 and is expected to reach US$ 135 billion by 2015, growing at a 10% CAGR.

The US generics market: The US is the world's largest generics market, estimated at US$ 30 billion. Drugs worth US$ 68 billion should witness generic competition in the US over the next two years; this increase is higher than the average annual patent expiry of US$ 16 billion over CY06-10. The US administration's healthcare bill provides affordable healthcare to about 32 million people of hitherto uninsured Americans, which means increased use of generic drugs due to the cost and viability factor, accelerating generic growth in the coming years. Currently, Indian companies account for 15.4% (November 2010 IMS data) of the US generics market. Indian com doutpolire hydrocodone companies continue to gain market share, and the incremental prescription market share for Indian companies is 33.7%. European generics market: Europe is the second-largest global generics market, accounting for about 29% of the global generics space. European generics represent around 50% in volume and 18% in value terms of the total European pharmaceutical market. It is noteworthy that generic drug makers spend over 7% of their turnover on development in the fields of bio-similar medicines and difficult-to-make molecules (Source: European Generics Association). In 2010, Central Europe's generic drug market increased 12%, whereas that of original medicines grew only about 10%. It is expected that in the near future, there will not be any significant increase in the share of innovative medicines, as governments in Market share gain by Indian companies in the US generics market Central Europe (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic), have been promoting generic consumption, resulting in limited spending on expensive innovative medicines.

Moreover, with an ageing population and member states' healthcare budgets under edu search buy tramadol online pressure, generic medicines are now a key element of sustainable healthcare.

They save over 30 billion euros for chemical entities and edu search buy tramadol online 1.4 billion euros for bio-similar medicines annually. This not only strengthens the European healthcare system, but also increases patient access to generic medicines. Japanese generic market: This market was valued at more than US$ 7.3 billion in 2009.

With low penetration at edu search buy tramadol online about 6% in value terms, it is the world's third-largest generic market.

Going forward, strong promotional activities and Japan's ageing population are expected to drive growth. Further, the bilateral free trade agreement signed in February 2011 (the FTA will abolish 90% of trade duties for 10 years) will provide a edu search buy tramadol online stimulus for exports to Japan.

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