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Does oxycontin affect blood sugar

This point is discussed does oxycontin affect blood sugar further later in this chapter.

Findings from Duckett et al The Panel notes the recent finding of Duckett et. that Australia's drug prices are 'high by international standards'.105 Figure 5.7, reproduced from Duckett et. al., shows that prices set by the PBS for pharmaceuticals have risen significantly in recent years compared to those paid in comparable markets. The report indicates that this results mainly from the higher prices paid by PBS for generic drugs.

Australia's higher exchange rates over the period have also contributed to these higher prices. Figure 5.7: Australia's pharmaceutical prices relative to selected countries, 2007-2011 (reproduced from Duckett et. al)97 Duckett recommends changes to Australian pricing policies and actions to encourage the use of cheaper pharmaceutical products where possible. These changes would increase Government savings from the current approach to data buy xanax price reductions from generic pharmaceutical competition. The estimated savings shown in Table 5.2 from reducing the maximum length of patent extensions are based on the current pricing policies for drugs with generic competition. were to be implemented, the savings from a reduction in extension of term would be substantially increased. Evidence of whether 15 year effective term is being achieved A number of submissions to the review argue that the scheme is not achieving its original policy intent because many patents granted an extension are not provided the full 15 year effective life.106 More than half of all patents extended under the current provisions have received the maximum effective patent life after marketing approval of 15 years, and the remainder have received less than 15 years does oxycontin affect blood sugar having been granted the maximum 5 year extension. Figure 5.8: Effective Patent Life Provided Under Current Provisions - Frequency Histogram99 The data on patent extensions granted by IP Australia indicate that the median effective patent life provided by the extension of term has remained at or close to 15 years each year since its introduction (see Figure 5.9). For drugs which have been accorded an extension, this is the maximum period provided under the does oxycontin affect blood sugar scheme. However, the effective patent life may be decreasing for the 25% of patents receiving the shortest effective patent life. This suggests that where there are unusually long delays, the period of delay may have increased slightly over time. Comparing these patents, where possible, with equivalent patents in the US and UK, there appears to be a relatively even mix of cases where the delay in gaining regulatory approval is specific to Australia and where the delay is seen worldwide.107 Figure 5.9: Effective Patent Life Provided Under Current Provisions - Percentiles by Year Year of TGA approval mean median 5th percentile 25th percentile 75th percentile 95th percentile For all patents granted an extension Jan 1999 - Dec 2012; approved between 1995-2012 Merck, Sharp and Dohme propose a possible mechanism to give more extended patents a 15 year effective life, which is also suggested in a number of other submissions: ...

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