Do you no were i can find info on oxycontin

Do you no were i can find info on oxycontin

Richard H Lindberg Post Doc., Department of Chemistry, Umea University Richard Lindberg is a researcher within environmental chemistry.

He performs research about the fate of pharmaceuticals in sewage water treatment plants and in the environment.

He has developed several novel analytical methods for the determination of pharmaceuticals in various matrices including sewage sludge. Linda Molander ML PhD student, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). In her master thesis, which was conducted within MistraPharma, she studied the risk classifications and the criteria for selection of ecotoxicity data according to the Swedish environmental classification system for pharmaceuticals.Linda is now a PhD student and her current research project concerns health and environmental risks associated with hazardous chemicals in articles, with an emphasis on evaluating risk reduction strategies. Christina Ruden Professor, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. cr@infra.hydrocodone dangers of Toxicologist specialising in regulatory aspects of toxicology and the risk assessment process.

In particular how scientific data are generated and used for risk assessment purposes, and how scientific uncertainty is handled in the process. The programme director of the Swedish research initiative, do you no were i can find info on oxycontin MistraPharma. Mats Tysklind Professor in Environmental do you no were i can find info on oxycontin Chemistry, Umea University. Research on the environmental behaviour of anthropogenic compounds, com tra tramadol hcl such as persistent organic pollutants and pharmaceuticals.

studies of transport and fate processes and development of analytical techniques. The interactions between inherent physico-chemical properties and environmental do you no were i can find info on oxycontin matrices, including development of QSARs, are of special interest. Ake Wennmalm Former Environmental Director, Stockholm County Council. Physician and cardiovascular do you no were i can find info on oxycontin researcher. In collaboration with Bo Gunnarsson, Apoteket AB, initiated the Swedish work to lift the issue of pharmaceuticals in the environment in the EU, among pharmaceutical producers and in the health care system.

Participated in the development of the environmental classification system for pharmaceuticals. Marlene Agerstrand PhD-student, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Marlenes work concerns regulatory aspects of ecotoxicology, with focus on risk assessment and risk management. Currently she is conducting an evaluation of the Swedish environmental classification system for pharmaceuticals. The evaluation no prescription xanax online concerns driving forces behind the implementation of the system, its scientific basis, actual workings, and efficiency towards reducing environmental risks. Director General at the Medical Products Agency, Sweden.

Since September 1, 2008 Dr Akerman's position is Director General at the Medical Products Agency, Sweden. Prior to this she had the position as Working Chairman of the board P.U.L.S. AB (Partners for Development Investments in Life Science Inc.) and before that as Executive Vice President Technology & Product Development, Orexo AB.

Prior to joining Orexo, Dr Akerman held the position as Marketing Company President of AstraZeneca in the Philippines. Since 1995, she has held senior positions as Project Manager, Medical Director and Marketing Director at Hassle Pharmaceuticals and AstraZeneca Sweden. Photo credits Filip Cuklev (65) Cecilia Berg (1) Uli Kunz (31) Irina Gyllenhammar (46-47) Helene Hagerman (9,10, 12-13, 24-25, 27) Lena Holm (51) Christina Ruden (16, 36-37, 41, 72-73, 74, 77, 118-119, 123) Image Library Essence - Ingram Publishing Seasons and environment (PH340) - Phovoir Water (COM255) - Comstock The MistraPharma research programme aims at identifying human pharmaceuticals that may pose a significant risk to organisms in the aquatic environment, recommend additional waste water treatment technologies and provide knowledge that could contribute to an improved European legislation in this field.

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