Css order phentermine

Css order phentermine

In addition, we may need to hire additional legal and accounting staff with appropriate listed company experience and technical accounting knowledge, but we cannot assure you that we will be able to do so in a timely manner. 66.After the Issue, the Equity Shares may experience price and css order phentermine volume fluctuations or an active trading market for the Equity Shares may not develop. The price of the Equity Shares may fluctuate after the Issue as a result of several factors, including, among other things, volatility in the Indian and global securities markets, the results of our operations and performance, the performance of our competitors, css order phentermine developments in the Indian pharmaceutical sector and changing perceptions in the market about investments in the Indian pharmaceutical sector, adverse media reports on us or the Indian pharmaceutical sector, changes in the estimates of our performance or recommendations by financial analysts, significant developments in India's economic liberalization and deregulation policies and significant developments in India's fiscal regulations. In addition, only approximately [•]% of the post Issue paid-up capital of our Company is being offered to the public pursuant to the Issue. An active trading market for the Equity Shares may not develop or be sustained after the Issue. Further, the price at which the Equity Shares are initially traded may not correspond to the Issue Price. 67.Conditions in the Indian securities market may affect the price or liquidity of the Equity Shares.

The Indian securities markets are smaller than securities markets in more developed economies. Indian stock exchanges have in the past experienced substantial fluctuations in the prices of listed securities. Further, the Indian stock exchanges have experienced recent volatility in line with global economic conditions.

There may, however, be less publicly available information about Indian companies than is regularly made available by generic oxycodone picture public companies in certain other countries. 68.You will not be able to sell immediately on an Indian stock exchange any of the Equity Shares you purchase in the Issue. The Equity Shares will be listed on the css order phentermine Stock Exchanges. Pursuant to Indian regulations, certain actions must be completed before the Equity css order phentermine Shares can be listed and css order phentermine trading may commence.

Investors' book entry, or demat accounts, with depository participants in India are expected to be credited within two working days of the date on which Allotment is approved by the Board. Thereafter, upon receipt of final listing and trading approval from the Stock Exchanges, trading in the Equity Shares is expected to commence within approximately seven working days. We cannot assure you that the Equity Shares will be credited to hydrocodone vicodin lortab overnight the investors' demat accounts, or that trading in the Equity Shares will commence, within the time periods specified above.

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