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Each test consists of 100 questions and there are a total of six tests and therefore 600 questions. In addition another 10 questions have been grouped in Test 7 to introduce readers to a format of MCQs that is becoming more popular with time. They are referred to as MCQs in a sequential format. In this case the candidate is presented with a number of proposed answers which have a different probability of being correct.

The candidate has to list the given answers according to the relative probability of being correct. The questions in Test 7 are also unique in that they deal with the application of basic sciences to practice, an area that did not feature prominently in Tests 1 to 6.

You should tackle all the questions in one test in one session, and write down the answer on a sheet of paper, as though under examination conditions, namely, using or refraining from using reference texts as the com pillsinfo xanax case may drug combination safesearch turn addiction hydrocodone be.

Make a note of the time it takes to cover each test, so that these may be added up at the com pillsinfo xanax end to allow you to pace yourself. The answers for the tests can then be compared with the answers given in the book. You will thus start to gain some intuition or feeling into the examiners' thinking and logic in setting particular questions. This should help in addressing the other sections, and in the end, the actual examination itself. Keep in mind that each question carries a particular mark, and this cannot be exceeded even if you spend extra com pillsinfo xanax time on it. On the other hand, some questions are quite straightforward, and marks allotted to such questions should not be missed. When all the tests have been covered in the way suggested above, examine the explanatory notes at hydrocodone 15 the end to see whether the difficulties that you encountered are also commonly met by other students. Revision checklist For each test, write the number of the question and your answer on a separate sheet of paper then, after going through all the questions in the test, compare your answers with those in the book. Refer to Appendix D for feedback on those questions that you did not com pillsinfo xanax answer correctly to be able to compare your ability with a cohort of students.

You can obtain information on the proprietary names listed in the book in Appendix A. Appendix B includes definitions for medical terms included in the book while Appendix C lists abbreviations and acronyms. Recommended textbooks for the open-book section are: Azzopardi LM (2000).

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