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The same principles that are used for making up questions for examinations were used in preparing this book. The questions set in this book have all been analysed and considered valid and satisfactory. The book is a continuation of a previous publication that was very well received.

All the questions are new cases covering traditional areas while some other topics, which have recently received greater attention in pharmacy practice, are also included. The book takes the form of test papers consisting of a number of questions taken from actual tests undertaken by pharmacy students who have followed a five-year course of studies and practice. The results obtained by these students for tests 1 to 6 are shown in Appendix D. MCexaminations frequently present a problem to prospective candidates in how to prepare for them, as opposed to the more traditional essay type or problem type cheap phentermine buy diet pills exams. It is not realistic to expect candidates to memorise whole sections of reference books such as the British National Formulary, nor is it feasible for students to anticipate with what questions they are likely to be faced. For this reason, the examiners frequently include two types of questions; demerol versus oxycontin those that the candidates will be cheap phentermine buy diet pills expected to answer from their own knowledge and experience without reference to any text, the closed-book questions, and others that the candidate is expected to answer by referring to standard sources that the professional would be expected to have available during practice, the open-book questions. The profession of pharmacy apap jp site tramadol is based on science and practice. The questions in a comprehensive examination aim to reflect this.

In practice both generic and proprietary names are encountered. By going through the questions posed in this book and considering the rationale for the answers given at the end, the candidate will gain a useful insight as to what might be expected in the actual examination and thus be better prepared for it. Acknowledgements I would like to thank a number of colleagues who have assisted me in one way or another in the preparation of this publication. In particular I would like to express my thanks to Professor Anthony Serracino-Inglott, Head of Department of Pharmacy at cheap phentermine buy diet pills the University of Malta and Dr cheap phentermine buy diet pills Maurice Zarb-Adami for their contributions towards the book. Their knowledge and hands-on experience in pharmacy education has added greatly to the robustness of the book. I also would like to thank Professor Steve Hudson, University of Strathclyde, Dr Sam Salek, University of Cardiff and Professor Vincenzo Tortorella, University of Bari for their contributions and for the good times we shared during the discussions we had in preparation for the book. In addition I would like to thank Professor Victor Ferrito, University of Malta for reviewing material in the book.

My sincere thanks go to Professor Roger Ellul-Micallef, Rector, and Professor Godfrey LaFerla, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University all hydrocodone no prescription of Malta for their support and encouragement.

I would also like to thank Peter Vlasses, Executive Director, Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, USA cheap phentermine buy diet pills and Professor Benito del Castillo Garcia, University Complutense Madrid for their interest in the publication. I would like to acknowledge the support of my colleagues and the staff at the Department of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Malta. I would like to mention the pharmacy students at the Department of Pharmacy and colleagues from different countries for their comments on MCQs in Pharmacy Practice. Their comments and positive feedback gave us the encouragement to prepare this publication. Thanks also go to the staff at the Pharmaceutical Press for their work in the preparation and production of this publication.

Special thanks to my sister Louise, a clinical pharmacist, for her much appreciated comments and valuable suggestions.

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