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Canadian hydrocodone

Blockbuster drugs are losing their patents and, despite some bright spots, research has become more costly and less fruitful.

Big Western firms are now looking to emerging markets for growth, hoping to sell not just their patented drugs but generic ones, too. Firms in emerging markets are expanding canadian hydrocodone their footprint, ramping up sales in the West and investing in research. It is an energetic exchange, but a risky one." The Economist com online tramadol Jan 7th 2012 GLOBAL SPENDING ON MEDICINES U.S.

and EUS account for only 44% of spending in 2015 2005 U5 Canada EU5 Rest of BJapan 5. Korea Europe PharmcTgfng hydrocodone apap5mg 500mg tabs *ROW Source: I.MS Mirket Prognosis, Apr 2011 Spending by Geography I $lP065Sl,095Bn $856Bn ^ *The U.S.

sli are of global spending will decline from 41% in 2005 to 31%, while the EU5 share ot spending will decline from 20% to 13% in 2015. *Pharnierging markets, surpassing EU5 List year, will reach 2S% of global spending in 2015.

*Share of global spending remains steady for Japan, the rest of Europe and Canada. [tart notes Spending in U5J with variable exchange rates. The Global Use of Medicines: Outlook Through 2015 IMS Health 2011 The Global Use of Medicines: canadian hydrocodone Outlook Through 2015 IMS Health 2011 Biosimilars in Asia: The second Chinese biosimilar wave.

•40% of China's recombinant biologic product sales come from biosimilars, which have enjoyed a 25-30% annual growth canadian hydrocodone rate over the past 10 years •As China's healthcare market continues to expand ... it is plausible to expect China to become an important market for biosimilars. •Recombinant biologics reached approximately $1.5 billion in China in 2010, of which $670 million were biosimilars (excluding peptides). HGH $20 Proteins* $190 J""' HGH $100 MAb $200 Insulin and Analogue $465 Bio novels $875 11 11 ' 111 Wk Biosimilars $670 Proteins* $520 Insulin $50 Source: Industry audits, Easton Associates Analysis Scrip 2012 Report *"Protein" includes GCSF, GM-CSF, Epoeiin, Etanercept, Factor VI11, interferon, PEG-interferon, interleukin Htc-jtnr tWVKitl'.iJ'buy oxycodone overnight G, Ui'iibutnrt iho-j 1/VlWI ' ri-1 >'' n | Siemens Pharma F^orurrf-'Gert Moelgaard NNE PI n * !'• 'l*U, |.l. jiiK-hllti I, - Bl.OCt)PH£SltJHE I i'knjljt liifrj "V50 GoflStfCm Ctortdinc VuMkc Wj hittu jfci-g ' OKWn isi-n^l /--.VPr.l inrlttalVfU*1* *v, v"."l ijl irfni-n hnij M The counterfeit issue requires new technology SECURING PHARMA DANABOL DS MID bKan Pharmaplan New counterfeit technology and regulations is an important part of the solution After the Patent Expiry Cliff Dealing with Price Pressure Expanding the canadian hydrocodone Global Market Changing Global Regulations Facilities of the Future Challenges & Opportunities nne pharmaplan Changed regulations - More Harmonisation Wall Street Journal front page announcement FiecrriptiDD for Drug Maker?: Updnte tlie Plant?

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