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All grievances relating to the ASBA process may be addressed to the Registrar to the Issue with a copy to the relevant SCSB, giving full details such as name, address of the applicant, number of Equity Shares applied for, amount paid on application and the relevant Designated Branch or collection centre of SCSB or Syndicate ASBA Bidding Location where the physical Bid cum Application Form was submitted by an ASBA Bidder. Disposal of Investor Grievances by our Company Our Company estimates that the average time required by our Company or the Registrar to the Issue for the redressal of routine investor grievances shall be 10 Working Days from the date of receipt of the complaint. In case of buy xanax over complaints that are not routine or where external agencies buy xanax over are involved, our Company will seek to redress how long is detox for oxycontin these complaints as expeditiously as possible. Manoj Nair, as the Compliance Officer and he may be contacted in case of any pre-Issue or post-Issue-related problems. He can be contacted at the following address: Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited 2nd Floor, Chinubhai Centre Ashram Road Ahmedabad - 380 009 Telephone: +91 79 2657 6655 Facsimile: +91 79 2657 6616 Email ID: Disposal of investor grievances hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen by listed companies under the same management within the meaning of Section 370(1B) of the Companies Act We do not have any listed companies under the same management within the meaning of Section 370(1B) of the Companies Act and therefore there are no investor complaints pending against our companies.

Change in Auditors There have been no changes in our Company's auditor in the last three years. Capitalisation of Reserves or Profits Other than as stated in the section titled "Capital Structure" on page 62, our Company has not capitalised its reserves or profits at any time since its incorporation.

Revaluation of Assets Our Company has not revalued its assets since its incorporation. TERMS OF THE ISSUE The Equity Shares being issued or being transferred pursuant to the Issue are subject to the provisions of the Companies Act, the SEBI Regulations, our Memorandum and Articles, the terms of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus, the Prospectus, the Bid cum Application Form, the Revision Form, the Allotment Advice, the Listing Agreements to be entered with the Stock Exchanges and other terms buy xanax over and conditions as may be incorporated in the Allotment Advices and other documents or buy xanax over certificates that may be executed in respect of this Issue. The Equity Shares shall also be subject to all applicable laws, guidelines, rules, notifications and regulations relating to the issue of capital and listing and trading of securities issued from time to time by the SEBI, the GoI, the Stock Exchanges, the RoC, the RBI and/or other authorities, as in force on the date of this Issue and to the extent applicable.

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