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Other PK parameters remained comparable: relative bioavailability, extent of absorption (AUC), distribution (Vd/F), metabolism (AUC ratio of parentmetabojite), or elimination(tl/2 & Cl/F) of alprazolam. Absorption (M/2000/0235; M/2000/253; M/2000/0305; M/2000/0346; M/2000/0275, R/2002/0002; P/2002/0010; P/2002/0013) : The relative bioavailability of alprazolam is not affected by its release rate (IR versus XR). Alprazolam is well absorbed from XR tablets, and to the same extent as from IR tablets across various doses when given as single doses of 1, 1.5, 3 or 6mg.

The mean absolute bioavailability of alprazolam from XR tablet is approximately 0.86 with 16-34% CV. The results are comparable with the absolute bioavailability of alprazolam from IR tablets, which was reported to be 0.92 * The relative bioavailability when compared to the IR tablets ranged from 0.969-1.07 with 10-18% CV. Distribution (R/2002/0002; P/2002/0010;P/2002/0013): The apparent volume of distribution (Vd/F) of alprazolam is not influenced by its release rate (IR versus XR). Alprazolam Vd/F after administration of single dose of3 mg or 6mg (2x3 mg tablet) XR tablets was 1.22 ±0.197 or 1.15±0.171 L/kg, respectively. Alprazolam Vd/F after administration of single dose of 1 or 1.5mg IR tablet was 1.03- 1.7 L/Kg with 12-18%CV. Metabolism (M/2000/0253; R/2002/0002; P/2002/0010; P/2002/0013): intramuscular tramadol Average plasma clearance of alprazolam after a lmg iv dose was 0.93mg/min/kg (CV=32%).

The oral clearance of alprazolam is not influenced by its release rate (IR versus XR). Average alprazolam oral clearance was 1.3 min/ml/kg (CV=32%) and l.lml/min/kg (CV=30%) for both single and multiple doses of IR and XR.

The PK parameters for the two hydroxylated metabolites of alprazolam( 4-hydroxyalprazolam and (X- hydroxyalprazolam) were comparable between IR and XR treatments at steady-state indicating that the metabolism cod watson hydrocodone of alprazolam is not affected by the release rate (DR. The alprazolam:metabolite AUC ratio did not change with dose providing further evidence that the metabolism of alprazolam was unchanged over the alprazolam recommended dosage range of 2-10mg. Following both IR and XR tablets treatments, the concentrations for 4-hydroxyalprazolam and a-hydroxyalprazolam were always less than 10% and 4% respectively, of unchanged alprazolam concentrations. The reported potencies were 0.20 and 0.66, respectively, for 4-hydroxyalprazolam and a-hydroxyalprazolam in benzodiazepine receptor binding experiments and animal models buy tramadol i of induced seizure inhibition. Elimination: Since the metabolism is the major route of elimination, and metabolism is unchanged by the release rate, the excretion of unchanged alprazolam would also be unchanged. Alprazolam and buy tramadol i its metabolites are excreted primarily in the urine. The mean buy tramadol i plasma elimination half-life of alprazolam following administration of Xanax XR tablet in healthy adults is more constant than those from Xanax IR tablets [on average, 11.2 hours (range: 6.3-26.9 hours) Vs 11.2-15.8 hours (dependent on the studies)] Figure 1 •- Figure 9 Mean, Steady-State Alprazolam Plasma Concentrations Following Multiple Oral Doses of Xanax Tablets and Xanax 8R Tablets To 20 Healthy Volunteers M TKATMff AA M . m - T*m s m xamah "* uaum tvtnv momono •* " dNI I MO )UNAX buy tramadol i TAMJCT AMO ON* O.0 MO XAHAX TABLfT OZO 4.4.6Dose-proportionality dose proportionality been established for the XR formulations of alprazolam within the therapeutic dose range (0.5-10mg) ?

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