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The current Government, which came to power in May 2009, is buy oxycodone mail headed by the Indian National Congress. While the current Government is expected to continue the liberalization of India's economic and financial sectors and deregulation policies, there can be no absolute assurance that such policies will be continued. A significant change in India's economic liberalization and deregulation policies could disrupt business and economic conditions in India extracting oxycodone from pills generally, and specifically have an adverse effect on our operations.

48.Investors may be adversely affected methocarbamol vicodin due to tax law changes (including retrospective changes) by the Indian Parliament. Certain recent changes to the Income Tax Act provide that income arising directly or indirectly through the sale of a capital asset of an offshore company, including shares, will be subject to tax buy oxycodone mail in India, if such shares derive indirectly or directly their value substantially from assets located in India. The term "substantially" has not been defined under the Income Tax Act and therefore, the applicability and implications of these changes are largely unclear. Due to these recent changes, investors may be subject to Indian income taxes on the income arising directly or indirectly through the sale of the Equity Shares.

In the past, there have been instances where changes in the Income Tax Act have been made retrospectively and to that extent, there cannot be an assurance that such retrospective changes will not happen again. In addition, certain, tax laws applicable to us may be amended. For example, the Finance Act 2012 has announced an increase in the excise duty applicable on pharmaceutical products from 5.0% to 6.0% and on APIs, the duty has been increased from 10.0% to 12.0%. Further, the Direct Tax Code cod op hydrocodone Bill 2010, or DTC, proposes to replace the existing Income Tax Act and other buy oxycodone mail direct tax laws, with a view to simplify and rationalize the tax provisions into one unified code.

The DTC which was placed before the Indian parliament for debate and discussion on August 30, 2010, was later placed before buy oxycodone mail a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance which submitted its report before the Indian parliament on March 9, 2012, is find hydrocodone online yet to come into effect. The various proposals included in the DTC, along with the recommendations made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance, are subject to review by Indian parliament and as such impact if any, is not quantifiable at this stage. It is possible that the DTC, once introduced, could significantly alter the taxation regime, including incentives and benefits, applicable to us.

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