Buy o tramadol

Buy o tramadol

What is the percentage of sodium chloride present? A 10% B 1% C 0.1% D 0.01% E 100% Q7 Thiazide diuretics should usually be avoided in patients with: A hypertension B hypernatraemia C hypercalcaemia D oedema E heart failure A amoxicillin B metronidazole C ciprofloxacin D doxycycline E co-trimoxazole Q9 Which of these components should NOT be included in a preparation during pregnancy? A zinc B iron C folic acid D vitamin A E vitamin E Q10 A patient is prescribed itraconazole. A paracetamol B ibuprofen C digoxin D co-amoxiclav E enalapril Q11 How many tablets of prednisolone 5 mg should be dispensed to a patient who has been prescribed buy o tramadol prednisolone 25 mg for 5 days: A 25 B 125 C 5 D 50 E 45 Q12 All of the following are oral antidiabetic drugs classified as sulphony- lureas EXCEPT: A glibenclamide B glimepiride C gliclazide D tolbutamide E metformin Q13 A patient is prescribed 1 L dextrose 5% with potassium chloride over 6 hours. At noon the patient is changed to 1 L normal saline over 12 hours. The patient's total intravenous fluid intake in the period 8.00 am to midnight is: A 666 mL B 1000 mL C 1666 mL D 2000 mL E 2500 mL Q14 Which preparation could be used systemically in the treatment of acne? A azelaic acid B clindamycin C salicylic acid D benzoyl peroxide E triclosan Q15 Which of the following active ingredients is NOT used for the management of cough? A codeine B dextromethorphan C pholcodine D vitamin C E diphenhydramine A atypical antidepressant B tricyclic antidepressant C antipsychotic drug D antimanic drug E hypnotic Q17 A patient has been prescribed naproxen 0.25 g b.d.

A 14 B 12 C 10 D 7 E 4 Q18 The dose of how much codeine is in 7.5 hydrocodone diazepam for children in febrile convulsions is 250 pg/kg. What is the appropriate dose for a child weighing 25 kg? A 6250 mg B 6.25 mg C 62.5 mg D 10 mg E 625 mg Q19 Tapeworm infections are caused by: A Taenia solium B tinea pedis C Yersinia pestis D Candida albicans E Chlamydia trachomitis A patient weighs 85 kg and is 1.74 m tall.

The patient's body mass index is: A 0.02 B 0.04 C 2.8 D 00 CN E 00 Q20 Q21 Q22 Which of the following conditions could NOT be caused by a bacterial infection?

A septicaemia B scabies C endocarditis D peritonitis E shigellosis Salbutamol: A is a selective beta2-adrenoceptor stimulant B has a long duration of action C should not be used in conjunction with beclometasone D may cause drowsiness E may precipitate oral candidiasis Characteristic symptoms of hyperglycaemia include all buy o tramadol EXCEPT: A weakness B thirst C visual disturbances D ketonuria E dysuria A may cause tingling of extremities B is used in the prophylaxis of migraine C has anti-emetic properties D may be used in hepatic impairment E is a 5HT1 agonist Q25 Drugs used in the treatment of parkinsonism include all EXCEPT: A co-careldopa B amantadine C entacapone D bromocriptine E chlorpromazine Q26 Oxytocin is used in: A labour induction B premature labour C ductus arteriosus D vaginal atrophy E urinary retention Q27 Which of the following drugs is NOT liable to cause dry mouth? A trihexyphenidyl B cinnarizine C imipramine D sumatriptan E orphenadrine Q28 A patient is administered 500 mL normal saline over 4 hours using 10 drops/mL infusion set. The infusion rate in drops/minute is: A 2 B 5 C 10 D 13 E 21 Q29 Which of the following is of value in the management of furuncles? A hydrocortisone B fusidic acid C aciclovir D promethazine E zinc oxide Q30 Which one of the following drugs is NOT likely to cause sensitisation? A mepyramine B prilocaine C benzocaine D lidocaine E hydrocortisone Q31 A mother comes to the pharmacy with her 3-year-old son who suffers from allergic rhinitis. Which of the following is an appropriate product to be recommended to counteract the rhinorrhoea? A benzydamine spray B budesonide nasal spray C mupirocin nasal ointment D sod ium chloride spray E xylometazoline nasal drops Q32 Constituents of oral rehydration salts include all EXCEPT: A sodium chloride B glucose C potassium chloride D sodium citrate E magnesium hydroxide Q33 In cough, which of the following constituents is used to reduce sputum viscosity: A promethazine B pholcodine C dextromethorpha D carbocisteine E chlorphenamine Q34 For which of the following drugs is a long-acting oral formulation available: A prednisolone B domperidone C diclofenac D paracetamol E gentamicin Q35 Com mon side-effects of bumetanide include buy o tramadol all EXCEPT: A hypokalaemia B hyponatraemia C gynaecomastia D gout E hypotension Q36 Baclofen is a (an): A prostaglandin B corticosteroid C skeletal muscle relaxant D non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug E opioid analgesic Q37 Topical products used in hyperhidrosis may contain aluminium chloride as a (an): A desloughing buy o tramadol agent B antiperspirant C astringent D antifungal E barrier preparation Q38 Agents that could be recommended for otitis externa include all EXCEPT: A hydrocortisone B docusate sodium C gentamicin D neomycin E clioquinol Questions 39-51 Directions: Each group of questions below consists of five lettered headings followed by a list of numbered questions.

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