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Securities Act, outside the United States; • Bids not uploaded on the terminals of the Stock Exchanges; and • Bids by QIBs and Non-Institutional Bidders uploaded after 4.00 p.m. on the Bid/ Issue Closing Date, and Bids by Retail Individual Bidders uploaded after 5.00 p.m. on the Bid/ Issue Closing Date, unless extended by the Stock Exchanges. IN CASE THE DP ID, CLIENT ID AND PAN MENTIONED IN THE BID CUM APPLICATION FORM AND ENTERED INTO THE ELECTRONIC BIDDING SYSTEM OF THE STOCK EXCHANGES BY THE SYNDICATE/THE SCSBs DO apap hydrocodone information NOT MATCH WITH THE DP ID, CLIENT ID AND PAN AVAILABLE IN THE RECORDS WITH THE DEPOSITARIES THE APPLICATION IS LIABLE TO BE REJECTED AND THE SELLING SHAREHOLDER, OUR COMPANY AND THE SYNDICATE/ SUB SYNDICATE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR LOSSES, IF ANY. EQUITY SHARES IN DEMATERIALISED FORM WITH NSDL OR CDSL The Allotment of the Equity Shares in the Issue shall be only in a de-materialised form, (i.e., not in the form of physical certificates but be fungible and be represented by the statement issued through the electronic mode). In this context, two apap hydrocodone information agreements had been signed among our Company, the respective Depositories and the Registrar to the Issue: All Bidders can seek Allotment only apap hydrocodone information in dematerialised mode. Bids from any Bidder without relevant details of his or her depository account are liable to be rejected. (a) A Bidder applying for Equity Shares must have at least one beneficiary account with either of the Depository Participants of either NSDL or apap hydrocodone information CDSL prior to making the apap hydrocodone information Bid. (b)The Bidder must necessarily fill in the details (including the DP ID, Client ID and PAN) appearing in the Bid cum Application Form, Revision Form.

(c)Allotment to a successful Bidder will be credited in electronic form directly to the beneficiary account (with the Depository Participant) of the Bidder.

(d)Names in the Bid cum Application Form, or Revision Form, should be identical to those appearing in the account details in the Depository. (e)If incomplete or incorrect details are given under the heading 'Bidders Depository Account Details' in the Bid cum Application Form or Revision Form, it is liable to be rejected. (f)The Bidder is responsible for the correctness of his or her Demographic Details given in the Bid cum Application Form vis-a-vis those with his or her Depository Participant. (g)Equity Shares in electronic form can be traded only on the Stock Exchanges having electronic connectivity with NSDL and CDSL. All the Stock Exchanges where the Equity Shares are proposed to be listed have electronic connectivity with CDSL and NSDL. (h)The trading of the Equity Shares would be in dematerialised form only for all investors in the demat segment of the respective Stock Exchanges.

(i)Non transferable advice or refund orders will be directly sent to the Bidders by the Registrar.

Communications All future communications in connection with Allotment, credit of Equity Shares, refunds, non-receipt of Allotment Advice and other post-Issue matters should be addressed should be addressed to the Registrar to the Issue.

In case of ASBA Bids submitted to the SCSBs, the Bidders should contact the relevant SCSB. In case of queries related to ASBA Bids submitted to the Syndicate/Sub Syndicate at the Syndicate Bidding Centres, the Bidders should contact the relevant Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate.

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