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Then choose: A if 1 2 and 3 are correct B if 1 and 2 only are correct C if 2 and 3 only are correct D if 1 only is correct E if 3 only is correct Directions summarised A B C D E 1, 2, 3 1, 2 only 2, 3 only 1 only 3 only Q53 When dispensing where to buy phentermine without a prescription online acarbose, the patient should be advised: 1 to take tablets in the morning 2 to avoid direct sunlight 3that flatulence and diarrhoea may occur Q54 Side-effects of esomeprazole include: 1 headache 2 pruritus 3 d izziness Q55 Care should be taken with the use of the following drug(s) in older patients: 1 digoxin 2 trihexyphenidyl 3 lactulose Q56 When dispensing mefloquine as a prophylaxis against malaria, the patient should be advised that: 1 tablets should be taken regularly 2 mosquito bites should be avoided 3 d izziness may occur as a side-effect Q57 Symptoms of venous thrombosis include: 1 oedema 2 lower leg becoming bluish in colour 3 dry skin Q58 In diabetes, blood glucose monitoring by the patient is of benefit: 1 to detect hypoglycaemia 2 to observe fluctuations in blood glucose over 24 hours 3 to make daily adjustments to insulin dose Q59 Carc inoma of the large bowel could present: 1 with symptoms of bowel obstruction 2 at an advanced stage 3 with melaena Q60 Clinical signs of tuberculosis include: 1 persistent cough 2 fever 3 weight loss Q61 Diagnosis of head lice infestation is based on: 1 detection combing 2 hair cleanliness 3 ha ir texture Q62 Which of the symptoms are characteristic of acute bronchitis? 1 chest tightness 2 purulent sputum 3 wheeziness Q63 Symptoms of tinea pedis include: 1 itch iness 2 location mostly in interdigital space 3 white, macerated skin Q64 Interferon beta: 1 can be administered orally and parenterally 2 may cause myalgia and fever 3 is used in multiple sclerosis Q65 Tamoxifen: 1 is an oestrogen receptor agonist 2 presents a risk of endometrial cancer 3 is used in breast cancer in post-menopausal women with metastatic disease Q66 Bromocriptine should be used with caution in: 1 renal impairment 2 schizophrenia 3 pregnancy Q67 Which of the following cytotoxic drugs can be administered orally? 1 capecitabine 2 cyclophosphamide 3 where to buy phentermine without a prescription online carboplatin Q68 Dydrogesterone: 1 is a progesterone analogue 2 is indicated for endometriosis 3 is contraindicated in severe liver impairment Q69 Which of the products could be used to counteract the vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause? 1 Premarin 2 Livial 3 Yasmin Q70 Side-effects associated with testosterone include: 1 headache 2 h irsutism 3 gynaecomastia Q71 Levofloxacin: 1 has greater activity against pneumococci than ciprofloxacin 2 should be used with caution health insurance companies reject claims oxycontin in patients with a history of epilepsy 3 foreclosure phentermine viagra xanax may cause tremor and tachycardia Q72 A patient presents at the pharmacy with a lesion, which appears to be a hard plaque with a where to drugs treatments tramadol dosage buy phentermine without a prescription online central black area, on the underside of the foot: 1 patient should be referred immediately 2 patient should be asked about medical history of diabetes 3 products containing salicylic acid can be recommended Q73 Lichen planus: 1 may involve gingival tissue 2 treatment may involve corticosteroids 3 pruritus occurs in most cases Q74 Chickenpox: 1 is caused by herpes simplex 2 could be contracted from contact with a patient with shingles 3 promethazine could be used Q75 Terbinafine: 1 may be administered orally in onychomycosis 2 could cause photosensitivity 3 treatment should not exceed 2 weeks Q76 For anti-lice lotions: 1 alcoholic formulations are more effective 2 alcoholic formulations should be avoided in asthmatic patients 3 routine use is recommended as a prophylaxis Q77 Rosiglitazone: 1 is a biguanide 2 should not be celebrex phentermine viagra xanax used with gliclazide 3 should be used with caution in patients with cardiovascular disease Q78 Compared with soluble insulin, insulin aspart: 1 has a faster onset of action 2 results in a higher fasting blood-glucose concentration 3 is associated with a lower frequency of hypoglycaemia Q79 Fluconazole: 1 may be used in vaginal candidiasis 2 is where to buy phentermine without a prescription online a triazole antifungal 3 when administered concomitantly with glibenclamide results in a lower plasma concentration of glibenclamide 1 it is a form of seborrhoeic dermatitis 2 baby oil could be used to relieve the condition 3 it is contagious Q81 Examples of mtsu edu lastdata order xanax non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products include: 1 Oruvail 2 Feldene 3 Nootropil Q82 For which of the following infections is antibacterial treatment NOT usually recommended: 1 typhoid fever 2 impetigo 3 gastroenteritis Q83 The following is (are) effective in the management of nappy rash: 1 zinc and castor oil ointment 2 mepyramine cream 3 Eurax cream Questions 84-88 Directions: The following questions consist of a first statement followed by a second statement.

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