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How to withdraw from oxycontin

Net worth Shareholders' funds (net worth) increased from Rs 979.63 crore as on March 31, 2010 to Rs 1,134.02 crore as on March 31, 2011. Reserves: Balance in the reserves and surplus account stood at Rs 1,063.58 crore as on March 31, 2011 against Rs 909.19 crore as on March 31, 2010. The Company ploughed 95% of its net profit to its reserves in 2010-11.

Free reserves accounted for more than 94% of the reserves as on March 31, 2011. Shareholder funds increased from Rs 979.63 crore as on March 31, 2010 to Rs 1,134.02 crore as on March 31, 2011, resulting in an increase in book value per share to Rs 160.99. External funds The total borrowings of the Company stood at Rs1,845.17 crore as on March 31, 2011. External funds comprised secured loans of 72% and unsecured loans of 28% including FCCBs.

Information Technology (IT) The information technology initiative at Orchid focuses on supporting and enabling the business to emerge more effective and competitive. IT strategies were aligned with the vision and hydrocodone overdose symptom the long-term business strategies. In 2010-11, multiple IT projects were launched in the following key areas: Application upgrades: In line with emerging technology trends in business productivity applications, Orchid's email client was upgraded to the Microsoft Exchange 2010 platform, ushering how to withdraw from oxycontin in technical and ease-of-use benefits. On the data security front, the Company'how to withdraw from oxycontin s firewall and related applications were upgraded to their latest versions. Enhancing collaboration: R&D teams were provided with virtual team rooms to collaborate with customers and research partners abroad. Advancing further on the unified communications front, usage of Microsoft Office Communicator and LiveMeeting became widespread. This brought in the culture of conducting virtual meetings, presentations and training for the target group of users from multiple locations, without the need for travel.

New portals were how to withdraw from oxycontin created to support various business and learning initiatives.

Strengthening IT infrastructure: Commensurate with business growth, a well-equipped Data Center was created with enough provisioning for future growth.

This new Data Center, besides presently hosting our SAP Business Continuity servers and storage, will accommodate all of Orchid's fourteen buy xanax online Disaster Recovery modules in the future. While carrying out these projects efficiently, more emphasis was given on strengthening governance through IT.

Customer how to withdraw from oxycontin satisfaction surveys conducted during the year reflected improvements in service ratings. We will continue to exploit information technology to strengthen our competitive edge. Human Resources Orchid's HR function is aligned with the Company's overall growth vision and continuously works on areas such as recruitment and selection policies, disciplinary procedures, reward/recognition policies, learning and development programmes as well as all-round employee development.

Several new initiatives were introduced during 2010-11, leading to better inter-personal relationship between employees and helping bring a cohesive focus to individual career development. During the year, Orchid how to withdraw from oxycontin launched a unique initiative focused on employees' total personality development. Named 'Gurukul - The path of learning', this initiative aims to enhance the employees' knowledge and skill sets through a continuous emphasis on training, education and development. Risk management The global and Indian pharmaceutical industry continues to be regulated by various regulatory agencies. Stringent regulatory norms, delay in obtaining regulatory approvals for key products, patent litigations, currency fluctuations and pricing guidelines in the domestic market are risks that can affect the Company's business.

Orchid's integrated risk management approach comprises prudential norms and structured reporting and controls.

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