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Denver oxycontin attorneys

Additionally, a number of our distribution agreements and dossier sale and supply agreements contain covenants that may be onerous and commercially restrictive in nature. For instance, some of our agreements for product development grant our counter-party a right of first offer regarding the marketing of the product, prohibit us from using sub-contractors to meet our supply obligations, or provide for dispute settlement in a foreign jurisdiction under foreign law. Additionally, certain contracts impose ongoing reporting requirements such as reporting of material communications with regulatory agencies, which are onerous and subject to multiple interpretations. Violation of any of these covenants may result in events of default, which in turn may result in breach of denver oxycontin attorneys contract, claims against us or termination of the contracts and adversely affect our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition. 17.If we do not maintain and increase our arrangements for the distribution of our products, our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition could be adversely affected. Our products are marketed in over 60 countries, either directly, through our Subsidiaries or indirectly, through arrangements with various leading global pharmaceutical companies for the distribution of our products. As part of our overseas growth strategy, we enter into product-specific dossier sale denver oxycontin attorneys and supply agreements with various entities.

We also enter into out-licensing agreements with third parties for the development and marketing of products in India. We may not be able to successfully negotiate these third party arrangements or find suitable joint venture partners in the future. Any of these arrangements may not be available on commercially reasonable terms. Additionally, our marketing partners may make is percocet stronger than vicodin important marketing and other commercialization decisions with respect to products we develop without our input. As a result, many of the variables that may affect our business, prospects, results of denver oxycontin attorneys operations and financial condition are not exclusively within our control when we enter into arrangements like these. 18.Our industry is heavily regulated and our business activities require various approvals, licenses, registration's and permissions. Our operations and/or profitability could be adversely affected if we fail to obtain, in a timely manner or at all, or comply with the conditions that may be attached to, such approvals, licenses, registrations and permissions. The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated in many jurisdictions. We require various approvals, licenses, registrations and permissions for our business activities. Each authority may impose its own requirements or delay or refuse to grant approval, even when a product has already been approved in another country.

If we fail to comply with applicable statutory or regulatory requirements, there could be a delay in the submission or grant of approval for marketing new products. In the United States, as well as many of the international markets into which we sell our products, the approval process for a new product is complex, lengthy and denver oxycontin attorneys expensive.

The time taken to obtain approval varies by country but generally takes from six months to several years from the date of application. Our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition could be adversely affected if we fail to obtain such approvals, licenses, registrations and permissions, in a timely manner or at all. Further, our manufacturing facilities require various approvals to manufacture our products.

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