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This kind of exercise is part of the test itself, as in pharmacy practice, mistakes are often made buy xanax overnight delivery to uk because a prescription or the patient's drug profile have not been properly read. Questions 26-52 The tests are set so that there are 100 questions with an open- book option, and another 100 questions of the closed-book type. Questions in both formats may appear to be complex in their setting. Devote enough time to understand the question clearly. Statements or advice that a heading may be used once, more than once or not at all mean exactly that. The term 'most closely related to' (see directions for Q26-52) is not a 'trick' and you should not expect to find some statements more closely related than others.

Very often only one statement is obviously related and it is safe to assume that the other answers are incorrect. Do not be misled by the use of 'most closely', which is actually superfluous. In an open-book situation, expect a number of proprietary (trade) names or diseases.

Although candidates are allowed to look up all the trade names in the textbooks available, in an examination this is not practical and sometimes impossible to achieve in the allocated time. Check the active ingredients of a proprietary name only when necessary or when in doubt. You are expected to have a good knowledge of most brands and pharmaceutical manufacturers (Q26-40). Diseases tend to present a distinct challenge to pharmacy practice examination candidates. Students often do their best to gain as much knowledge of drugs as possible, but when it comes to diseases they are confused. There are so many thousands of diseases, where should one start? Which diseases should be revised for an MCQs examination? What depth of knowledge about diseases is expected? In tackling these questions buy xanax overnight delivery to uk it is important to be very familiar with the textbooks used in the open-book examination. Very often the rule of thumb is 'the simpler, the better', so do not take encyclopaedias with you to the examination. A book such as Martindale: the Complete Drug Reference may be useful but it is not essential and would only be used on a few occasions. However, a reference such as the British National Formulary (BNF) should be kept at hand.

For this edition, the 57th edition (March 2009) was used. Let us examine buy xanax overnight delivery to uk how, for example, Q32-34 could be tackled by the following steps: 1Write the generic names next to A-E, starting with those that you are confident about. 2Find the ones you do not know, or are unsure pain medication tramadol of, in the BNF index (at this stage, just note the page numbers). 3Find the generic names by going through the pages, checking the list in alphabetical order, rather than going backwards and forwards, to save time. (Any reference books to be used in the examination should not be bought at the last moment - books should have been used for some time because it is easier to turn the pages, as those in new books tend to stick together; such minor annoyances encountered during an examination can increase the tension. In addition, get used to the newer editions of the textbooks. Practise using the indexes, appendices and footnotes and be familiar with the overall structure of the reference books used in an open-book session.) The phrase 'associated with' used, for example, in Q35-37, means only 'who is the manufacturer buy xanax overnight delivery to uk of that particular drug?' This information should not be sought, say, in a pharmacology textbook but can be easily located in a formulary such as the BNF. First write the page numbers next to Q35-37, after finding them in the index (preferably in alphabetical order to save time) and then find the corresponding pages in the text. You will find the manufacturer's name in parentheses next to the product name.

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