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The currently available methods for elimination of anthropogenic chemical residues in the sewage treatment plants are reasonably efficient but energy-consuming, and there is considerable reluctance among politicians and other decision-makers to accept the emerging need for additional investments in advanced waste water treatment technologies. But water is a limited resource on our planet, and with xanax to klonipin increasing population and decreasing fresh water reservoirs globally the need for action to protect our water sources will continue to grow.

Another factor determining the sustainability of pharma use is the disposal of expired or unused medicines.

It is well known that such medicines may accumulate in the homes of patients, either because the medicines buy phentermine diet were not well tolerated, because they are no longer needed, or for other reasons. In the EU it is enforced by law that all member states must arrange take-back systems for expired or unused medicines.

The national compliance to adopt this EU law varies between states, as does the compliance of the member state populations to use the take-back systems. No doubt, there is a potential for improvement in order to ensure complete return and destruction of all unused or expired medicines from hospitals, other health care institutions and patients in the European community. This is a very important step on the road towards sustainability. Moving towards sustainability It seems unlikely that the free market driving forces alone would buy phentermine no prescription required lead society into sustainability. Few enterprises have business targets looking more than 5-10 years buy phentermine diet ahead.

In a competitive market it may be risky to invest in activities paying off too long ahead.

The assumed reaction of the stock market is an important compass for any company when making up its business plans, and if a company is not rewarded by the stock market when going "green" or moving towards sustainability the board of the company may be reluctant to further activities in this fioricet tramadol direction. A strong market demand, buy phentermine diet from patients or from health care professionals, for more sustainable pharmaceutical products would probably elicit a powerful stimulus for the producers to speed up their transfer in "green" direction. But most patients, even those realizing the need for societal change towards sustainability, may primarily have their own health in focus when taking medicines. Health care staff prescribing pharmaceutical products may follow the same logics, i.e.

to give priority to the health of their current patients instead of considering the possible threat to future generations and the drug oxycontin passing test environment.

Therefore, the probability is weak that market demands for sustainable pharmaceutical products should become a strong driving force to the producers to go green. This would tend to allocate the responsibility for transfer towards sustainability to our democratically elected representatives. But politicians are elected for periods seldom lasting longer than 4-6 years, i.e. extremely short when discussing how to achieve long-term sustainability. Furthermore, politicians want to become re-elected and therefore want to launch initiatives that render them attention in the public opinion. In this process dramatic, instantaneous, heart-breaking initiatives always overcome longterm demands requiring intellectual analysis and conception. New decision mechanisms, possibly in the hands of globally acting international and non-political organisations, might offer a solution. But international organisations have hitherto displayed low potency to pave the way for long-term agreements which do not offer any direct and instantaneous favour to its members. After a catastrophic event or period buy phentermine diet the readiness to take significant steps towards change seems more at hand, as shown e.g.

by the establishment of UN after the end of world war two, or its corresponding organisation following world war one. taking action according to the precautionary principle, is always more difficult to implement than reactivity. Nevertheless, to avoid public health and environmental disasters caused by pharmaceutical emissions in the future pro-activity is needed now.

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