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Furthermore, ecotoxicity data from the open scientific literature was used in about 40% of the assessments. When data from the open scientific literature were considered, they were often used to buy phentermine diet pill online calculate the PNEC. Since the guidance document requires that the lowest available PNEC is used, this indicates that data from the open scientific literature offered lower effect values (buy phentermine diet pill online indicating a higher risk) than company-owned data in these cases. Completeness of data-set The SECIS guidance document is relatively flexible in its recommendations concerning data selection and data inclusion. There are for instance no requirements for the companies to search the open scientific literature for data, this is just a recommendation.

For this study we identified data from the open literature for the 36 active pharmaceutical ingredients selected for evaluation.

We gathered these data from a database developed for research purposes within MistraPharma. For an overview of the database contents, the buy phentermine diet pill online method used for compiling it, and how to access the database see chapter 6 (Molander et al., 2009 and Additional data that could be used for risk assessment and classification of the 36 substances were selected according to the rules and recommendations of the SECIS guidance document and these data were used to supplement the risk assessments under scrutiny. Based on the resulting how to make hydrocodone supplemented data set, alternative PEC/PNEC ratios and classification categories were determined and compared to the results how long does hydrocodone stay in the body? of the risk assessments and classifications conducted by the pharmaceutical companies.

This florida lawyer oxycontin exercise resulted in altered PEC/PNEC ratios for 18 (37%) of the 48 risk assessments, and the altered PEC/PNEC ratio would give rise to a new classification category for 13 (72%) of these 18 assessments. For 10 of the 13 assessments a supplemented data-set would result in a higher classification celeste com hydrocodone online site category. (For one substance, carbamazepine, the PEC/PNEC ratio increased 3 orders of magnitude which would give a two step increase in risk classification). For one substance, propanolol, the additional data allowed for a smaller assessment factor which would lower the risk classification one step compared to the SECIS-classification. The additional data that we used were reported in 14 studies. In buy phentermine diet pill online 9 of the 14 studies the data originated from standard tests. Half of the studies were regarded as long-term studies and the other half as short-term.

In 5 cases the additional data that were used originated from non-standard tests. These data altered the classification category in three cases. Supplementing the data-sets thus altered the classifications in a significant percentage (72%) of the cases eligible for this analysis.

This suggests that exploring the open scientific literature for additional test data might be an important complement in environmental risk assessment of these substances.

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