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Accordingly, as discussed between the parties, these buy hydrocodone online no prior rx required Equity Shares were transferred to UT1 Vecaus-1 in lieu of the delay in dissolution or transfer of assets and liabilities of M/s Intas Exports.

## Pursuant to the Composite Scheme of Arrangement, 1BPL (along with Intas Pharma, Celestial and Astron Research was merged with our Company, and as consideration, Equity Shares were allotted to the erstwhile shareholders of1BPL (except for our Company). Pursuant to the SEBI Regulations, an aggregate of 20% of the post-Issue capital held by our Promoters shall be considered as promoters' contribution and locked-in for a period of three years from the date of Allotment ("Promoters' Contribution").

The lock-in of the Promoters' Contribution would be created as per applicable law and procedure and details of the same shall also be provided to the Stock Exchanges before the listing of the Equity Shares. Our Promoters have pursuant to letters dated June 13, 2013 given consent to include such number of Equity Shares held by them, in aggregate, as may constitute 20% of the fully can hydrocodone cause atrial fibrillation diluted post-Issue Equity Share capital of hydrocodone withdrawls our Company as Promoters' Contribution and have agreed not to sell, transfer, charge, pledge or otherwise encumber in any manner the Promoters' Contribution from the date of filing this DRHP, until the commencement of the lock-in period specified above, or for such other time as required under buy hydrocodone online no prior rx required SEBI Regulations. Details of Promoters' Contribution are as provided below: Name of the No. of Equity Shares Date of Consideration % of post-Issue Capital Promoter locked-in allotment/transfer* [•1 [•1 [•1 [•1 20% The Equity Shares were fully paid on the date of their allotment. While the Fresh Issue size aggregates up to ' 2,250 million, the actual number of Equity Shares that would be offered in the Fresh Issue cannot be determined at this stage. Our Company would be able to estimate the number of Equity Shares buy hydrocodone online no prior rx required to be offered in the Fresh Issue upon buy hydrocodone online no prior rx required finalization of the Issue Price. Consequently, our Company cannot determine the number of Equity Shares that are required to be offered by our Promoters towards Promoters' Contribution at this stage. However, we undertake to update the exact details of the number of generic zolpidem Equity Shares forming part of Promoters' Contribution at the time of filing of buy hydrocodone online no prior rx required the Prospectus with the RoC. The Promoters Contribution has been brought to the extent of not less than the specified minimum lot and from the persons defined as Promoters, as required under the SEBI Regulations. The Equity Shares that are being locked-in are not, and will not be, ineligible for computation of Promoters' Contribution under Regulation 33 of the SEBI Regulations.

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