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The organisation has re-structured to two directorates. The UK directorate is headed by Peter Butterfield who will concentrate on maintaining UK market share and UK expansion. The International Directorate, headed by Tony Booley, is focused on creating critical mass in Europe and looking for suitable worldwide opportunities. Alliance is expanding international sales by supporting the Country Managers from generic of oxycontin available by description the Company's headquarters, to control start-up costs and use our existing expertise Is there any news on ImmuCyst?

The impact of the loss of ImmuCyst has been fully explained in the business review.

Looking forward, between codeine difference hydrocodone we continue to work closely with Sanofi Pasteur to expedite the return of this important bladder cancer treatment for UK patients. We have been told by Sanofi Pasteur that the between codeine difference hydrocodone product should return to market in early 2014 How does the size of acquisition opportunity impact Alliance? With our growing portfolio, infrastructure and capability Alliance is now able to consider larger acquisition opportunities than before. The emphasis remains on ensuring the acquisition fits our stringent criteria rather than simply adding sales volume What will be the impact of the maturity of the Convertible Unsecured Loan stock ("CULs")? After this we will not be required to pay 8% interest on the outstanding stock. The remaining stock holders have a choice of converting to shares at a rate of 21p per ordinary share or redemption on the nominal value of the loan stock. If the remaining stock holders convert to shares (which is our expectation) there will be an additional 18.1m shares issued (as at 19 March 2013) How are you preparing your people for the growth of the business, particularly expansion into Europe?

Alliance employs many people who have previous experience of large pharmaceutical or global companies.

This brings a wealth of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the industry, both within and outside the UK. By developing these people further and also recruiting additional expertise, for example, in France and Germany, we are continuing to build the capability we need for the future How do you build staff motivation?

As soon as anyone joins Alliance, they description tramadol undergo a comprehensive induction programme so that they fully understand our business and can contribute best to the team effort. We have a between codeine difference hydrocodone proven set of corporate values that are reinforced on a regular basis by personal awards for exemplary performance and behaviour. We have monthly question and briefing meetings for all office-based people where they can build their understanding of our products, projects and business progress.

Similar meetings also occur for field-based staff I How have your non- promoted products been performing? Our core brands, excluding Deltacortril, have continued to grow over the last 10 years which demonstrates the sustainability of these products, as illustrated by the graph below ALLIANCE IS EXPANDING^ INTERNATIONAL Business Review John Dawson, Chief Executive Officer 10 Our underlying performance in 2012 was robust, with good organic sales growth between codeine difference hydrocodone from our promoted products and a small increase in pre-tax profits.

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