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Kindly note that the Syndicate/ buy cheap hydrocodone online pharmacy Sub Syndicate or the Non Syndicate Registered Broker at the Syndicate Bidding Centres or the Non Syndicate Brokers Centres, as applicable, may not accept the Bid if there is no branch of the Escrow Collection Banks at that location. No separate receipts shall be issued for the money payable on the submission of Bid cum Application Form or Revision Form. However, the collection centre of the Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate and the Non Syndicate beatrice com site tramadol Broker Centre of the Non Syndicate Registered Brokers will acknowledge the receipt of the Bid cum Application Forms or Revision Forms by stamping and returning to the Bidder the acknowledgement slip. This acknowledgement slip will serve as the duplicate of the Bid cum Application Form for the records of the Bidder. In case of ASBA Bids, an acknowledgement from the Designated Branch, concerned Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate or the relevant Non Syndicate Registered Broker, as the case may be, for submission of the Bid cum Application Form may be provided. OTHER INSTRUCTIONS Joint Bids in the case of Individuals Bids may be made in single or joint names (not more than three). In the case of joint Bids, all payments will be made out in favour of the Bidder whose name appears first in the Bid cum Application Form or Revision Form.

All communications will be addressed to the First Bidder and will be dispatched to his or her address as per the Demographic Details received from the Depository. The First Bidder would have deemed to have signed on behalf of joint holders and would give requisite confirmation(s) on behalf of joint Bidders as provided in the Bid cum Application Form. The hydrocodone internet pharmacy First Bidder shall buy phentermine dietpills net meridia be liable for all the obligations arising in relation to the Issue. Multiple Bids A Bidder should submit only one Bid (and not more than beatrice com site tramadol one) for the total number of Equity Shares required. In this regard, all Bids will be checked for common PAN as per Depository records and all such bids will be treated as multiple Bids and are liable to be rejected. In case of a Mutual Fund, a phentermine no prescription usa separate Bid can be made in respect of each scheme of the Mutual Fund and such Bids in respect of more than one scheme of the Mutual Fund will not be treated as multiple beatrice com site tramadol Bids provided that the Bids clearly indicate the scheme concerned for which the Bid has been made. Bids by QIBs under the Anchor Investor Portion and the Net QIB Portion will not be considered as multiple Bids.

For Bids from Mutual Funds and FII sub-accounts, beatrice com site tramadol which are submitted under the same PAN, as well as Bids on behalf of the Central or State government, an official liquidator or receiver appointed by a court and residents of Sikkim, for whom the submission buy cheap xanax online of PAN is not mandatory, the Bids are scrutinised for DP ID and Client ID.

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